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European crimes in Africa- European crimes caught on camera during colonization of Africa

European crimes in Africa during colonialism include; Genocide, Forced labor, Beheadings, Concentration camps, Starvation, Torture

By Africason

European crimes caught on camera during colonization of Africa 

Few days ago, there was a news report about how a Chinese business owner in Rwanda tortured a boy who works for him. The Chinese man was arrested by the Rwandan police and the Chinese government immediately issued an apology condemning their compatriot. 

So, here, the Chinese government in their spirit of fair-play condemned the torture and accepted responsibility. That's a good thing and that's how it should be!.

However, as I was reading through the comment section of that news, a miseducated African who's in support of Western world view, said "Africans should be thankful that the Chinese and Russians were not able to get to Africa during the colonial era. Their form of slavery would have been worse and longer serving. 

Those who disagree should look up how they enslaved and are still trying to enslave their neighbouring countries".

After I read that comment, I began to cry. The reason I cried was because the African who made the above comment has passed through a system of education that didn't teach him/her that during colonialism in Africa, Europeans committed Genocide (mass murder) in Algeria, Kenya, Namibia, Congo. He has never heard that Europeans built Concentration camps in Kenya, Namibia, South Africa. He has never heard that Europeans beheaded Africans in Zimbabwe, starved millions to death, forced Africans to provide free labor, and tortured our parents who rebelled. Yet, this African has heard of Adolf Hitler putting the so called Jews in concentration camps and shooting them to death. But he has no idea what was done to his own ancestors.

I pity the African who made that comment because it shows he/she has no idea of the magnitude of European crimes in Africa during slavery and colonialism. Guess what? There are millions of so called educated people like that on the African continent. It's such a pity that we have been enslaved, colonized, miseducated, brainwashed and we don't even know our own enemies.

Of course, it's not by accident that we don't know our own history and our enemies, rather it was deliberately designed that way. 

The reason we don't know our history and the atrocities that Europeans committed in Africa during slavery and colonialism is because we've been brainwashed and made to accept European account of history. But there's a saying that "history is written by the victors, not the vanquished". 

Yes, it's the conqueror that writes history, not the conquered. Once a people are conquered, the conquerors would then brainwash the people they've conquered and the people would regurgitate whatever the conqueror has taught them.

That's, of course, why an African would consider the Chinese as evil but the real evil personified in Europeans, he praises. 

It's important you understand that education itself was part and parcel of colonialism and that Europeans didn't just colonize Africa to get free labor and exploit our natural resources but they also damaged our brains and altered our perception of reality. According to Dr. Amos Wilson "it's not enough to conquer a people militarily. But after a military conquest, follows a mass brainwashing of the conquered people in order to also conquer them mentally". For more information, see Amos Wilson lectures on education, culture, black consciousness, global white control, economics. I've researched education, educated black people, and I can assure you that Dr. Amos Wilson is one of the most intelligent black person you'll ever come across. He wrote so many books. See Books written by Dr. Amos Wilson

All imperialists did the same thing. According to brother Cheikh Anta Diop, "When European invaders over run people, whether in Africa or other parts of the world, they had three goals in mind:-

1. Take the history of the conquered. 

2. Take their language. 

3. Control their psychology, i.e take away their values, interests, religion, and principles. 

They take your history and superimpose theirs on it. They take your language and superimpose theirs on it. They take your values and priorities and superimpose theirs on it. Once this is done, no matter what decision you make, you will always end up serving the interest of the oppressor’’.

Once you have been subdued and given a false account of history by your enemy, you'll then teach your children the same version of history written by the conqueror, and your children would do the same, your children's children would do the same, and their children would do the same, and so on. As you can imagine, your nation would be subdued forever and will never be able to rise above the conqueror!. That's why, today, we don't know who are our friends and who are our enemies because our enemies, not only conquered us militarily but they also imposed their world view on us. That's why an African doesn't know the magnitude of crimes committed by Europeans in Africa during colonialism. For more information about how the education we received from our former colonial masters is a major part of our problem, see intellectual slavery, the worst legacy of colonialism. Read the PDF version. It's free.

This message, therefore, is meant for those Africans who have been blinded with Western account of history and have accepted hook, line, and sinker what white people have told them. 

I've gathered some of the revealed crimes and I'll show you as much as I can of the documented proof of crimes committed by Britain, France, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Italy in Africa during slavery and colonialism. 

Let me repeat, I want to send this message to those Africans whom the system of education has kept blind about the sad history since our unfortunate encounter with Europeans and the crimes that followed for over 400 years against black people all over the world. If you know any such person who doesn't know about these crimes or who you think needs to know, do forward them this message to cure their ignorance.

Let's go!!

As far back as ca 1303 BC, Europeans (the Greeks) lived peacefully in Africa as peasants doing menial jobs and serving the more advanced ancient black Egyptian civilization. This was when black people still ruled the world, so the presence of the Greeks in Africa was not a threat to us at all. 

In fact, in our usual African hospitality, Pharaoh Ramasis II (ca 1303–ca 1213) built them a special new city to live in and another section of town to worship their god. This was recorded by historian, Herodotus, who visited ancient black Egypt, Africa in about 450 BC. 

Herodotus, in his book: histories An account of Egypt, said "Moreover Amasis (Pharaoh Ramasis II) became a lover of the Hellenes (Greek citizens) and besides other proofs of friendship which he gave to several among them, he also granted the city of Naucratis for those of them who came to Egypt to dwell in; and to those who did not desire to stay, but who made voyages thither, he granted portions of land to set up altars and make sacred enclosures for their gods"...... Herodotus.

If you're new to the true history of black people beyond the lies and indoctrination that white people have given us through the so called education after our dethronement; you may ask: were the ancient Egyptians black? 

Yes, of course, the ancient Egyptians were BLACK people. Herodotus, in so many places in the book mentioned above, stated clearly the ethnicity of the the people dwelling in ancient Egypt. He said that the ancient Egyptians were BLACK people.

Example; talking about climate of Northern Africa at that time, Herodotus said "whereas after snow has fallen rain must necessarily come within five days, so that if it snowed in those parts rain would fall there; the third evidence is afforded by the people dwelling there, who are of a black colour by reason of the burning heat".

In another passage, Herodotus again said "For the people of Colchis are evidently Egyptian, and this I perceived for myself before I heard it from others. So when I had come to consider the matter I asked them both; and the Colchians had remembrance of the Egyptians more than the Egyptians of the Colchians; but the Egyptians said they believed that the Colchians were a portion of the army of Sesostris. That this was so I conjectured myself not only because they are dark-skinned and have curly hair (this of itself amounts to nothing, for there are other races which are so), but also still more because the Colchians, Egyptians, and Ethiopians alone of all the races of men have practised circumcision from the first. The Phenicians and the Syrians who dwell in Palestine confess themselves that they have learnt it from the Egyptians"

For your information, Colchians were black people living in the region of Russia, Georgia, Turkey in ancient time. See encyclopedia Britannica entry for Colchians. Interestingly, with reference to circumcision in the above quote, Herodotus inadvertently confirmed that the biblical Israelites were black people. Remember the bible said that the Israelites were the first and only people to practice circumcision. But that's by the way.

Our black ancestors in ancient Egypt also provided scholarship to any foreigner interested in education and going to school in Africa. Tuition was free from kindergarten to graduation and no visa was required to come to our land. This was testified in the book: the Kybalion: A Study of The Hermetic Philosophy of Ancient Egypt and Greece. The Kybalion states, "from old Egypt have come the fundamental esoteric and occult teachings which have so strongly influenced the philosophies of all races, nations and peoples, for several thousand years. Egypt, the home of the Pyramids and the Sphinx, was the birthplace of the Hidden Wisdom and Mystic Teachings. From her Secret Doctrine all nations have borrowed. India, Persia, Chaldea, Medea, China, Japan, Assyria, ancient Greece and Rome, and other ancient countries partook liberally at the feast of knowledge which the Hierophants and Masters of the Land of Isis (ancient black Egypt) so freely provided for those who came prepared to partake of the great store of Mystic and Occult Lore which the masterminds of that ancient land had gathered together"

As you'll soon learn, this great hospitality shown to Europeans when they were weak was not reciprocated to our ancestors and has never been reciprocated to us by Europeans at any time in history. 

Our first bitter encounter with Europeans in Africa was in 332 BC, when Alexander (the so called great) conquered North Africa and robbed the ancient black Egyptians at gun point. 

When Alexander got to Africa, the first thing he did was to set fire in an ancient African library where our ancient black Egyptian great ancestors stored written knowledge that has been acquired for many thousands of years. 

From then on, Africans began to lose control over knowledge. Remember what I said earlier. "it's not enough to conquer a people militarily. But you must also conquer them mentally in order to fully enslave and control them forever". Alexander was the originator of that very wicked practice. 

However, I am not going to dwell on ancient history because if I have to trace the whole history of crimes committed by Europeans in Africa, it would require writing not just a blog post but a book. Therefore, what I am going to do instead is show you documented proofs of crimes committed by Europeans in Africa during colonialism. Those that are genocide, I'll number them as such and mention the European country responsible. But those that involve few fatalities, I'll leave it unnumbered. I'll share stories from one African country to another.

Let's go again!

Genocide number one in Namibia (committed by Germany).

When German settlers got to Namibia, they chased away the native people into the desert and between 1904-1907 they took over the arable part of the land. Those that refused to move to the desert were shot and killed. 

When all things considered, example, the fact there was no proper identification of the dead in far away forests and deserts, the number of fatalities could be more than 1 million deaths, though the official number has been tactfully put low. The article: a Brutal Genocide in Colonial Africa Finally Gets its Deserved Recognition reports more than 70,000 seen deaths. 

It's important you understand that this was the precursor to the genocide against the so called Jews. Adolf Hitler learned everything done to the Jews from the incarceration of Africans in Namibia and other parts of Africa.

It's a pity that Africans have been told about the "Jewish" genocide but not the one that happened in Africa. You can read more about this genocide in the book: The Kaiser's Holocaust- David Olusoga and Casper W

The picture below show the survivors of the Herero genocide in Namibia.
Victims of the Herero genocide

Hanging in Zimbabwe (committed by Britain)

In 1897, the British in Zimbabwe captured and hanged an African woman named Charwe wokwa Hwata and her friends. What was her crime? She refused to convert to Christianity and was generally rebellious to British rule over her country.
African woman captured and hanged by the British

Charwe wokwa Hwata was a spirit medium. People came to her for mind and spiritual enlightenment, the same role christian priests fulfilled and still do in Europe today. She refused to convert to Christianity and was killed in the name of Jesus. An article about her murder could be found at Zimbabwe's Hanging Tree - Not even past.

Genocide number two in Kenya (committed by Britain)

The British monarch granted the British East African Company (BEAC) charter in 1888. 

What is a charter? Charter is just a fancy name for permission granted to a European company by a European monarch to go and rob native people overseas. And if the company ever need military backing, the monarch would send an "expedition" force to kill native people so that the company would claim their land, enslave, and colonize the people. For more information, see chartered companies: how Europe laid the foundation for poverty in Africa.

Watch it! Just a year (1889) after the arrival of the BEAC in Kenya, there was a small pox epidemic spreading all over the land. Millions of Kenyans died as Africans don't have natural immunity against that strange disease. Guess what? Small pox is a European disease and Europeans have immunity against it.

It's known that Europeans deliberately spread the disease overseas whenever they occupy a new land. The same model had been used by the Spanish and Portuguese in South America. 

The spread of small pox weakened the native Masai warriors, thereby, giving the British an easy entry into Kenya. It's a pity that the history is not being put this way because African historians want to be politically correct. 

Luckily for you, I am not a politically correct type of person. The type of history that I do is history of the whole truth and nothing but the truth. No holds barred.

With that entrance in a period of a pandemic, death, and famine, morale was very low and the British immediately began seizing the most fertile part of the lands. Like in Namibia, the natives were chased to the hostile part of the land. 

To get free labor, the British applied the usual tactics. They imposed a "hurt tax", which Kenyans couldn't afford. Hurt tax means a tax you pay for living in your house, i.e you'll have to pay British invaders to live in your own house. Wow!

The penalty for default was to take you to a British plantation where you'll have to work for them for months. It continued that way until the people couldn't take it anymore. Then an uprising. 
Mau Mau uprising victims

That's a picture taken by the British army looking for forced labor and holding Kenyans hostage at gun point during colonialism. For more information, see a brief history of the Colonization of Kenya.

Before Adolf Hitler's concentration camps, here's one of many Mau Mau concentration camps built by Britain to detain and torture Africans during colonialism. Of course, Adolf Hitler learned everything from them. The British are yet to answer for their crimes at the ICC in the Hague.

Mau Mau detention camp built by the British. This is where Adolf Hitler learned his craft.
Source: DW news

A US scholar, Caroline Elkins, has researched British crimes in Kenya and around the world during colonialism and according to a guardian news article: Uncovering the brutal truth about the British empire, she discovered that "many documents relating to the detention camps were either absent or still classified as confidential 50 years after the war. She discovered that the British had torched documents before their 1963 withdrawal from Kenya. The scale of the cleansing had been enormous. For example, three departments had maintained files for each of the reported 80,000 detainees. At a minimum, there should have been 240,000 files in the archives"

Indeed, researchers found that millions of documents from 37 former British colonies are hidden away from the public. A guardian news article revealed that "the records had been stashed away at a high-security storage facility that the Foreign Office share with the intelligence agencies MI5 and MI6". They're hidden "deep in the Buckinghamshire countryside and surrounded by 16ft-high fences topped with razor wire, in Hanslope Park, home of Her Majesty's Government Communications Centre". For more information about the hidden British crime archives, see British secret colonial crimes archive hidden away in the queens private library in Hanslope Park, London.

There are two good books on British crimes in Kenya during colonialism written by Ms. Caroline Elkins. First, read: Britain's Gulag: The Brutal End of Empire- Caroline Elkins

After the British Gulag was published back in the days, Kenyan victims of British crimes who happened to still be alive, read the book and sued the British government. Fortunately, in the process more revelations about British crimes in Kenya were made. Ms. Caroline then wrote a second book: Imperial Reckoning: The Untold Story of Britain's Gulag in Kenya.

She finally wrote a general history of British crimes around the world during colonialism. The name is: Legacy of violence: a history of the British empire. Every African in a former British colony should endeavor to read this book to be able to understand the scale of British crimes around the world during colonialism.

There's another book on British crimes in Kenya during colonialism. The name is: Histories of the Hanged: Britain's Dirty War in Kenya and the End of Empire- David Anderson.

World war African soldiers kidnapped in Africa (committed by Britain, France, Portugal, Spain)

During world war 1,  in 1914 more than 1 million Africans were forced to fight for their colonial masters in far away Europe and Asia in a war that had nothing to do with us.
Source: DW news

France alone is said to have recruited more than 450,000 Africans, according to a DW article: World War I: The 'Black Army' that marched in from Africa. Britain recruited just about the same number of Africans. Men were randomly kidnapped from the street of Africa by Britain, France, Portugal, Spain, without any bargaining for war. 

Africans fought gallantly and helped white people to win the war. However, when the war ended, Britain abandoned the African soldiers in Myanmar but evacuated British soldiers only. Just a handful of Africans returned.

Burning, threatening and destroying villages in Zimbabwe (committed by Britain)

The following picture was taken by the British towards the end of colonialism in Zimbabwe, when they were going village by village, killing, destroying and burning houses. If you're the type that like novels, there's a book (non historical) called Then a Wind Blew - Kay Powell. The book is set in the final months of Zimbabwe’s independence war. New African magazine has an article with same title as the book at Then a Wind Blew’ reveals human dimension of Zimbabwe’s independence trauma.

Source: New African magazine

British savages then went on a beheading spree in Zimbabwe. Below, they pose with pictures of severed heads of black people they killed. Zoom in to see clearly. Aside the heads they posed with, there are more heads inside the box, and other body parts and more heads on the floor.
Hundreds of Zimbabweans were beheaded by British savage terrorists and the queen ordered that the heads be brought to her palace in London so that she may perform demonic rituals on them. 

The heads are still in London, secured under the queen's official seat, where she literally incubate them like a hen, together with other selected items, including a "stone of destiny" they stole from other parts of the world. Every British King or Queen must function as a living incubator throughout his/her lifetime as per a contract their ancestors made with the devil. That's according to James Evans Bomar in the book: code to the matrix.

The heads are there for ritual purposes to sap energy from nations that Britain conquered around the world, in fulfilment of the said ancient oath they made face-to-face with the devil when the Angles and Saxons first arrived the place known today as Britain. The monarch feeds certain energy frequency to the items under the seat, which is in turn fed back to the devil to maintain their power over the people they conquered throughout the world. That's why when late Zimbabwean president, Robert Mugabe finally realized what was going on, and demanded that the skulls be returned to Zimbabwe, his knighthood was immediately withdrawn by the queen, followed by sanctions that destroyed Zimbabwe till today. But that's the part nobody knows anything about, except you go beyond the illusions they've used to blindfold us in Africa and you'll discover what's really going on. 

Massacre in Benin kingdom (committed by Britain)

In 1897, a team of British terrorists arrived Benin kingdom and tried to kill the king, Ovonramwen. He escaped but some of his chiefs and protocol officers were caught inside his palace. The British went on to rob the king's palace, stealing gold, silver, and precious artworks. 

One of the arrested chiefs
Source: the news Nigeria

After they were done stealing, they burnt down the king's palace and shot all the chiefs at close range. They were handcuffed and reports say they were told to open their mouths. Then, they were shot one after the other with the gun put in their mouths. The town was searched house by house and people were rounded up and shot as well. And finally, they burnt down every house in the town. Estimates vary but thousands were murdered by Britain.

Some of the murdered chiefs 
Source: the news Nigeria

Below are the materials looted from the king's palace. They're still in the British museum, however, those they consider useless were recently returned while they hold on to the real stuff. When asked to return them, they said they would only send it as a "loan", which means that it must be returned back to Britain if it's sent at all. 

There are also reports that even the ones that they so called returned are nothing but mere 3D printed copy instead. It's probably true because with advancement in 3D printing, it's now possible to print the exact copy of anything and you won't be able to tell which is the original copy.
British terrorists sitting on their loot

The picture above is just a section of the loot caught on camera. More than 70 thousand pieces of artworks and artefacts were stolen. 

The Bini King Ovonramwen, died 17 years later in exile in far away land (Calabar) in Southern Nigeria.

Genocide number three in Algeria (committed by France)

During French occupation of Algeria between 1830-1962, it is estimated that France killed more than 1.5 million people in Algeria. Some sources say the fatalities could be much higher, while other source, like the article: Algeria says 5.6 million people died under French colonialism put it at a much conservative figure of 6 million. In any case, it was a genocide.

One of such mass murder caught on camera during colonialism in Africa by French terrorists. 
Mass shooting & murder by France during colonization of Algeria in North Africa

Mass hanging by France during colonization of Africa. This is where Adolf Hitler learned everything he did to the so called Jews

The French genocide in Algeria has a Pinterest page. You can view more pictures there.

Genocide number four in Congo (committed by King Leopold of Belgium)

In 1884, European countries met to agree on how to split African lands into European ownership. The meeting was held in Berlin in what is called the Berlin conference.

The Belgian king, Leopold who's reputed as saying "I do not want to miss a chance of getting us (Belgium) a slice of this magnificent African cake" indeed got a piece of the "cake" in the country now called Congo as a gift for heading the meeting. 

He got Congo as a gift because he promised European countries that he was going to use his personal funds to spread Christianity throughout the Congo. He even formed an organization called "International Association of the Congo" which he claimed would be used for spreading Christianity in Africa and "civilizing" Africans.

However, he was a criminal and a savage, just like every other European who fooled Africa with Jesus. 

Once king Leopold got Congo as his personal country, he levied daily quota of Latex or Cotton or elephant tusks that each citizen must source for depending on one's age. Children were not spared on the levy. Those who failed to meet the quantity were mostly killed. If you were young, like the children below, your hands would be cut off as punishment.
These two children are siblings. Their hands were cut off because they couldn't meet the daily quota of latex collection levied on them by the man who brought Christianity to Congo. Source: the African courier

It looks to me like these children weren't older than 7 years. Or am I not seeing properly?

These African kids didn't meet up the daily quota of Latex levied on them by European colonialists in Congo, Africa. That's why their hands were cut off in the name of Jesus!!. Picture source is from an article: Leopold II and The Hidden holocaust

The picture below show African victims forced to pose for picture with cut off hands of their brothers, friends, sisters, mothers, fathers. The pictures were taken because Leopold ordered the pictures to be snapped and sent to him in Belgium as proof that his orders were being adhered to back in Congo. 

This crime was committed in the name of Jesus!! The two white men are among the "good loving" missionaries that brought Christianity to Africa. But in reality they were part and parcel of the colonial administration.

Interestingly, in the midst of these crimes, the victims were converted to Christianity and were told that African ways were evil. It's important you note that the colonialists widely held the view that “slavery was ordained by God”. Their role was to pacify any uprising and make us incapable of rebellion against the colonial government. Bible passages were often being quoted to rebellious natives to remind them to obey their masters, as it was the will of God for them to be enslaved. Popular bible passages used by European slave traders, colonialists and missionaries; include the following:-

Ephesians 6 5:8 New International Version.
Slaves, obey your earthly masters with respect and fear, and with sincerity of heart, just as you would obey Christ. Obey them not only to win their favor when their eye is on you, but as slaves of Christ, doing the will of God from your heart. Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the Lord, not people, because you know that the Lord will reward each one for whatever good they do, whether they are slave or free.

1 Corinthians 7:20:22 New International Version.

Each person should remain in the situation they were in when God called them. Were you a slave when you were called? Don’t let it trouble you- although if you can gain your freedom, do so. For the one who was a slave when called to faith in the Lord is the Lord’s freed person; similarly, the one who was free when called is Christ’s slave.

Colossians 3 22:25 New International Version.

Slaves, obey your earthly masters in everything; and do it, not only when their eye is on you and to curry their favor, but with sincerity of heart and reverence for the Lord. Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving. Anyone who does wrong will be repaid for their wrongs, and there is no favoritism.

1 Peter 2 18:20 New International Version.
Slaves, in reverent fear of God submit yourselves to your masters, not only to those who are good and considerate, but also to those who are harsh. For it is commendable if someone bears up under the pain of unjust suffering because they are conscious of God. But how is it to your credit if you receive a beating for doing wrong and endure it? But if you suffer for doing good and you endure it, this is commendable before God.

The same strategy was used throughout Africa, in fact, in all European colonies around the world.

A European missionary pose with an African child who's hands were cut off by his compatriots.

These are the children at work fetching latex. By the size of the pot, it appears the daily quota was about 5 litres of Latex. Latex is used to manufacture tyres and things like that.

Fatalities in the Congo genocide as a result of European crimes is estimated at any where from 10 - 20 million African lives lost. Far more than the so called Jewish holocaust. But you an African had been told to remember the Jewish holocaust. You've never been taught that before the Jewish holocaust, Europeans committed so many genocides in Africa too.

The man below is lost in deep thought looking at the cut off hands and legs of his little son who could not meet up with the daily latex quota levied on him. 

Look very well, you'll see the cut off hands and legs on the floor. Note that the man would have met his personal daily quota but even that couldn't spare the life of his little son. That speaks volume.

King Leopold's crimes in the Congo has a Pinterest picture collection. You can view more pictures there.

For a comprehensive history of king Leopold's crimes during colonialism in Congo, read the book: King Leopold's Ghost: A Story of Greed, Terror, and Heroism in Colonial Africa- Adam Hochschild or if you just want the brief, read this article by the logical Indian at the Man Who Killed 10 Million People & Personified Everything That Is Wrong With Colonialism

It's very important you understand that it was during this constant threat to the lives of our ancestors with guns on their heads that they accepted Christianity, English language, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and white education, which has made us today Christians and "literary giants" in English and French literature, professors, etc after our submission to white rule. 

Therefore, your education is not separate from colonialism. Your education is part and parcel of the ills of colonialism, no matter how beautiful you think it is. In fact, the more educated you're as an African, the more enslaved you'll be UNLESS you get to a point in life where you realize it, you'll never be able to use your education in service of your people and your culture but to help promote the interest of white people. 

What I've just said is a seal but it manifests itself clearly in literature, unfortunately,  we're not trained to see it. If you want to learn more about how our education is to serve white interests, see how Britain and the CIA fooled Wole Soyinka and Chinua Achebe to destroy African languages in literature. Just by my writing (in and of itself) I am already promoting English literature and language right now! That's how deep the control mechanism that Western culture has planted into Africa. 

We can never be truly free until we reject everything we accepted in fear from the white man. We must reject their language, education, religion!!.  We accepted them in fear after our warriors were outgunned, therefore if we claim to be free, we must reject them. And if you want to understand how hard our ancestors fought against Europeans and how we lost the battle, read the book: Africa under colonial domination 1880-1935- by UNESCO

In conclusion, and lest I forget, the comment that inspired this article, said that "the Chinese and Russians were not able to get to Africa during the colonial era" and I need to address that too before I close.

Let me say that it's not correct to say that China or Russia weren't able to get to Africa during slavery, colonialism and occupation of our land by Europeans. China and Russia simply stayed away because they couldn't just stand the extreme crime that Europeans unleashed on Africans. So, it wasn't a question of them not being able to get to Africa. 

In fact, the Chinese actually "discovered" Eastern and Southern Africa before Europeans arrived there. They were already settlers in part of Kenya where they still have Chinese descendants living till today. 

In 1418, a Chinese sailor named Zheng He, during the Ming dynasty, arrived Kenya and established trade relations. He reached as far as Cape of Good hope in South Africa. Ever since, Kenyans have been shipping elephants, giraffes and other commodities to China with mighty African ships before Europeans arrived East, West and Southern Africa. But you won't hear that in school, instead we've been brainwashed to believe that it was Vasco da Gama (a Portuguese sailor) that did it first. I think this is enough reason for Africans to begin to question the so called education given us by Europeans. Because if we were colonized by China, we'll have been in school today studying that Zheng He, the Chinese sailed round Africa first.

See below for report of Chinese sailor in Kenya in 1418 before Europeans arrived East Africa. The sources are all Western.

The vanguard news publication, reports that Chinese admiral voyaged to Kenya, Africa in 1418 long before Europeans.

The Smithsonian magazine, reports that Kenyans gifted Giraffe to the Chinese sailor Zheng He in 1418 long before anybody saw Europeans around the East African coast.

Some few years ago, the Chinese government actually gave out scholarships to some "Chinese looking" Kenyans who are thought to be the descendants of the said early Chinese explorers in Kenya. But a European nation has NEVER and will NEVER show that type of kind gesture to any "European looking" black man or woman any place on earth.

How about Russia?

Russia simply stayed away from Africa too because, like China, they couldn't just deal with the European savagery in Africa. 

The only time you'll hear about Russia-Africa relation was actually when a Russian king Petrov (Peter) made a black man a king in Russia as far back as the 1700's. The name of the African was Abram Ganibal. He was captured by the Ottomans in Africa and was given to the a Russian king. 

However, the Russian king instead of enslaving Ganibal, made him a king in Russia. He was such a nobility that he married the king's daughter. 

For more information, see Abram Ganibal, the black Russian king. 

Remember, this was all happening in the highs of the Atlantic slave trade, yet neither China nor Russia participated in the slave trade. That's just to show you how much love Russia and China have for black people.

Furthermore, Russia and China were also heavily involved in anti-colonialism campaigns to end colonialism, not just in Africa but in other lands occupied by Europeans.

The first concern ever raised by a notable person about how to end colonialism and exploitation of Africa and other colonized nations was written by the Russian leader, Lenin. 

In the 1920's when colonialism was raging hot in Africa, Lenin wrote a paper, titled "the Question of Colonized People and Oppressed Minorities". In that paper, Lenin argued that it was evil colonizing people in Africa and other European colonies. This is where the Western hate on him really began. Because that paper led to Russia and China being a major catalyst for working out the UN's "declaration on the granting of independence to colonial countries and peoples" after the second world war. 

The rationale behind Russia and China pushing for independence for all European colonies around the world was that if Europe and America loved the freedom of the so called Jews persecuted in Germany by Adolf Hitler, then they must also love freedom in Africa and other colonized and oppressed people around the world. That is to say "what is good for the goose is good for the gander" 

That UN declaration fast forwarded the end of colonialism in European colonies around the world because it empowered people like Kwame Nkrumah and birthed many other nationalists in European colonies around the world. Thus, setting up rebellion in the colonies against Western imperialists. Again, earning Russia and China hate among Britain, France, Spain, US, Portugal, and all the other Western imperialists who were annoyed that Russia and China just took food off their mouths.

What more? 

In the 1920's, Ethiopia was the only African country left that was not under colonial rule. Let me say that Liberia also enjoyed some independence but there's a reason for that and it's not within the scope of this article. 

But Europeans didn't like to see any independent African country. 

As a result, in the 1930's, Italy, under the government of Mussolini, invaded Ethiopia to colonize them because, again, Europeans said that no African country must be allowed to be independent.  

Russia was the only country that came to the rescue of Ethiopia. Russia sent foot soldiers to Ethiopia and was able to help Ethiopians fight off the Italian government.

Russia has proved their love for black people!!

We're not being told this in school (because education itself in Africa remain slavery) but people such as Lenin, and the two countries; Russia and China contributed both morally and financially to inspire Kwame Nkrumah and other nationalists to set us free from white people. Indeed, Kwame Nkrumah said that Lenin was one of his best influencers. Other influencers he mentioned, are: Marcus Garvey, Karl Marx, and Nnamdi Azikiwe. But the Russian Lenin appears to have had the greatest intellectual influence on him.

Watch this!

Lenin wrote a book, titled: imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism

Lenin's book inspired Kwame Nkrumah to title one of his books: Neo-colonialism, the last stage of imperialism

Nkrumah's book inspired Africason to title his book: Intellectual slavery, the worst legacy of colonialism

Did you see a pattern? It came from Russia!!

I must say that if you've ever had a racist experience from Chinese or Russian people, that's because of the global hate that Europeans have spread across the world against black skinned people. This global hate began from ancient time too!! It began as soon as Alexander (the so called great) conquered North Africa. For more information about the ancient mischief against black people, see what is Satan? What is Lucifer? The biggest secret in the world. The article would show you how Europeans blackmailed black people in ancient time, and as a result brought us so much pain till this day.

Note that I am not done with this article yet because I realized I stepped into a big story. I've just scratched the surface of this story. This crime was also committed against our black brothers and sisters in America and the Caribbeans. From time to time, I'll be adding more pictures of European crimes caught on camera and other information.

So many information are hidden away in restricted libraries in Europe. Nobody is allowed to view the hidden archives. Those hidden archives are where the major European crimes nobody has heard about are locked away.

You then have to wonder: if they can reveal the above pictures to the public: whatever they're hiding has to be far more criminal than what they've managed to show the public.

Finally, remember the camera was only invented in the 1830's and it wasn't up to the 1850's that it became commercially available to the public. So, be informed that the pictures you've seen are just those captured on camera within a very small fraction of European time and crimes in Africa. 

European crimes in Africa began from 332 BC and ended in 1990 after the independence of all African countries, so what you've seen above is not even up to 00000000.01 percent of European crimes in Africa. Total fatalities and lives lost as a result of Western crimes in Africa during colonialism is conservatively estimated at about 120 million African lives lost throughout the continent. If every crime committed by Europeans in Africa is exposed on video or pictures, Africans would rise immediately and go to war against Europe. That's why the colonial archives are kept secret in Europe and education and Christianity are used to keep us dumb.

You must demand that Britain, France, Portugal, Spain, Germany, etc, release the hidden archives of their crimes in Africa which they've locked away in private European libraries. If the archives are released, you'll understand how much we've been deceived by white people. You must demand that European colonial officers in Africa who committed these crimes and are still alive must be sent to the ICC at the Hague to stand trial. Tweet with hashtags:



  1. We love you Africason. Please continue to bless the world with your knowledge. Thank you, Asante kaka wangu.


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