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Intellectual slavery, the worst legacy of colonialism

Intellectual slavery, the worst legacy of colonialism The book for REAL Freedom Do you want to know the real reason Africa is poor and backward? This e-book is the philosophy and metaphysics of poverty in Africa. Download it for FREE. It concerns all the countries in the tropics that were colonized by Britain, France, Spain, Portugal. Africa will suddenly wake up and rule the world, any day we decode the message in this book, otherwise, get ready to be re-enslaved.  There are 3 of such books that people should have written in Africa and in all the colonized countries in the tropics, but I have looked around and since nobody want to write about it, I decided to write one. This first one is called  intellectual slavery, the worst legacy of colonialism. The remaining two books dealing with other ways we are still being controlled and why history was distorted, I'll write later. The colonized nations in the tropics must realize the education we have is not originally