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European crimes in Africa- European crimes caught on camera during colonization of Africa

European crimes in Africa during colonialism include; Genocide, Forced labor, Beheadings, Concentration camps, Starvation, Torture By Africason European crimes caught on camera during colonization of Africa  Few days ago, there was a news report about how a Chinese business owner in Rwanda tortured a boy who works for him. The Chinese man was arrested by the Rwandan police and the Chinese government immediately issued an apology condemning their compatriot.  So, here, the Chinese government in their spirit of fair-play condemned the torture and accepted responsibility. That's a good thing and that's how it should be!. However, as I was reading through the comment section of that news, a miseducated African who's in support of Western world view, said "Africans should be thankful that the Chinese and Russians were not able to get to Africa during the colonial era. Their form of slavery would have been worse and longer serving.  Those who disagree should look up how they