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Pre-order my book: What is Satan? The biggest secret in the world

What is Satan? The biggest secret in the world  Pre-order my upcoming book titled: What is Satan? The biggest secret in the world Dear friends I am sorry that you haven't seen me post new articles for a while. The reason is that I am busy writing a book. The book's name is: What is Satan? The biggest secret in the world.  I am currently devoting all my time and effort in research and reading towards completing the book, so research and reading is all I do these days and have no time left to write new articles. However, in the middle of the book, I realized that the story is bigger than I imagined when I started. The story is very enlightening and it's huge! When finished, this book would free Africans from foreign religions. It would tell the history and evolution of God from out of Africa to the rest of the world. We Africans invented the very concept of God!! We Africans invented the very concept of a savior, messiah, redeemer thousands of years before there was any relig

Elite Brainwashing, The Last Stage Of Mental Slavery

Elite Brainwashing, The Last Stage Of Mental Slavery Colonial Missionary Schools in Africa Were brainwashing Institutions In the 1980's, when I was younger about 8 years old, I went visiting a family friend but when I arrived at their house there was nobody at home. Then, I decided to wait in their sitting room. As I sat there waiting for any of the family members to come out, my eyes caught a picture hanging on the wall. The picture was that of a man in dreadlocks and I did not know who he was. Since I knew everybody living there I thought to myself this picture looks different. So, I decided to walk closer to the picture to look at it up close. As I walked closer to the wall, just about 2 feet to it I felt something like a magnetic field that kind of held me in one position and I began to look at the picture up close and personal. The picture was personal to me because that was the first time I saw someone in dreadlocks. As I stood there face to face with the picture, some

Looting Africa; Africa is Robbed Naked By Western Interests

Looting Africa The economics of exploitation by Patrick Bond Africa continues to be robbed naked. Here a book uncovering it's modus operandi . Source: looting Africa   Africason Africason is a die-hard believer in Africa. Twitter: @African_School Facebook:

The Capitalist Network That Control The World's Economy

The Capitalist Network That Control The World's Economy The global economic slavery Here's a well researched paper on 147 companies that control the economy of the world . Short version below. As protests against financial power sweep the world this week, science may have confirmed the protesters’ worst fears. An analysis of the relationships between 43,000 transnational corporations has identified a relatively small group of companies, mainly banks, with disproportionate power over the global economy. The idea that a few bankers control a large chunk of the global economy might not seem like news to New York’s Occupy Wall Street movement and protesters elsewhere. But the study, by a trio of complex systems theorists at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, is the first to go beyond ideology to empirically identify such a network of power. It combines the mathematics long used to model natural systems with comprehensive corporate data to map ownership

The Origin, And Modus Operandi Of Mental Slavery

The Origin, And Modus Operandi Of The British To Keep Blacks in Perpetual Mental Slavery This speech was said to have been delivered by Willie Lynch on the bank of the James River in the colony of Virginia in 1712. Lynch was a British slave owner in the West Indies. He was invited to the colony of Virginia in 1712 to teach his methods to slave owners there. Willie Lynch 1712. Greetings, Gentlemen. I greet you here on the bank of the James River in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and twelve. First, I shall thank you, the gentlemen of the Colony of Virginia, for bringing me here. I am here to help you solve some of your problems with slaves. Your invitation reached me on my modest plantation in the West Indies, where I have experimented with some of the newest, and still the oldest, methods for control of slaves. Ancient Rome would envy us if my program is implemented. As our boat sailed south on the James River, named for our illustrious King, whose versio