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Buffalo soldiers: what's Bob Marley talking about?

  Buffalo soldiers: what's Bob Marley talking about? The model of how white people use black people till this day The older I grow, the more I realize there's an ancient conspiracy against black people by Western interests but which you can never learn in school. It's purposefully kept out of the system of education for the obvious reason it would wake black people up if taught publicly. The more I research it through history, international politics and relation, and current affairs, it becomes clearer. And the more I piece things together, the more it becomes increasing clear to me that black people don't understand what's going on in this world and how the world works. In fact, black people don't know about this ancient mischievous conspiracy created against Africa and all black skinned people as a race. This malicious mischief is what gave white people the justification for slavery, colonialism, apartheid, neo-colonialism and ultimately our condition today as

Europe and Arabia have launched an economic warfare against Africa

Britain, France, Spain, Portugal, Arabs have started the re-enslavement of Africa History always repeat itself Most people in Africa think that our African ancestors were stupid and that Arabs and white people enslaved Africa between 1100-1900 because of our stupidity. No, that's not true. Our ancestors were not stupid, rather they were gradually tricked into participating in slave trade and before they realized what they were doing it was already late.  Slave trade didn't begin by buying slaves. It began by buying legitimate products such as gold, grains, ivory and tusks, timber, and things of that nature. So, be informed that slaves were not the primary reason that white people came to Africa at first.  Slave trade came later, it evolved over time from legitimate business transaction as our ancestors over many years of legitimate business deals had come to trust and believe that they were dealing with honest white people. They didn't know they (white people) had other pla

How the CIA recruit innocent people to commit terrorism

How the CIA tried to recruit me to participate in terrorism between 2017-2020 My name is Africason. I blog at , and I talk about African history, black people in general, and the predicament that black people have suffered since our unfortunate contact with Europeans since 332 BC when Alexander (the so called great) conquered Africa and robbed my ancestors at gun point.  Apparently, white people don't want the world; especially Africans and black people in general to know about that. They want us all to be dumb even if we may be educated. This way, we'll be used as conduits to further enslave ourselves forever. Since I discovered this plot to keep black people blind about the past and our unfortunate relationship with Europeans, I decided I'll be taking about it. Nobody will stop me from talking about history and European crimes against black people. In fact, I am still warming up through this blog. In 2014, I began blogging about African history, slavery

How Britain & the CIA deceived Wole Soyinka, Chinua Achebe to destroy African languages in literature

  The biggest mistake ever made by educated people on the African continent    How Soyinka, Chinua Achebe & Co were deceived by Britain & the CIA to destroy African languages in literature. In 1962, a conference was held in Uganda at Makerere University by post-colonial African authors who’ve been schooled in the English language. The theme was "conference of African Writers of English Expression" and the goal was to decide whether literature should be written in our native African language or in the slave master's language English. The conference was chaired by a British scholar named Gerald Moore and it was sponsored by an organization called the Congress for Cultural Freedom (CCF), a Western anti-communist advocacy group founded in 1950 and run by the US central intelligence agency (CIA). Take note of that because you’ll hear about CCF again. Chinua Achebe, Wole Sonyinka, Ngugi wa Thiong’o, Obiajunwa Wali and many others were present. The questions raised and d

The dead end of African literature- by Obiajunwa Wali

  The Dead End of African Literature By Obiajunwa Wali In order to truly understand the context for this article, please read this link first. See  How Britain and the CIA deceived Wole Soyinka and Chinua Achebe to destroy African languages in literature.  PERHAPS THE MOST IMPORTANT ACHIEVEMENT of the last   Conference of African Writers of English Expression   held in Makerere College, Kampala, in June 1962, is   that African literature as now defined and understood, leads nowhere. The Conference itself marked the final climax of the   attack on the Negritude school of Leopold Senghor   and Aime Cesare. For some time now, African writers   of English expression like Ezekiel Mphahlele, Wole Soyinka, and Christopher Okigbo, have treated this kind   of literature which expresses sterile concepts such as   "negritude" or the "African personality" with the utmost derision. One would say that negritude is now   dead, judging from the confident tones of the remarks   a