The difference between reality and truth

  The difference between reality and truth   Reality is UNCONDITIONED truth. Truth is CONDITIONED reality. It is very funny that the majority us humans don't care about the reality about something, instead we care about the truth. Yet, many times, we're fooled only for us the discover the reality about something later. That's the reason most people are just simpletons because they don't really understand the true nature (reality) about something.  Its very important at this point in your life to understand the difference between REALITY and TRUTH because they're not the same thing. What is reality?  Reality is UNCONDITIONED truth. Reality is just what it is- reality i.e the true nature of something. Reality is not contingent on anything. Example; you're reading this article now and you don't need any proof that you're reading it. You don't believe you are reading this, you know you're reading it. That's the reality. What is truth?  Truth

What is SATAN? What is Lucifer?

  What is Satan? What is Lucifer? Satan means a radical advocate for alternative new knowledge   Take note that I said ‘’what’’ is Satan not ‘’who’’ is Satan because the question of ‘’who’’ is Satan is a misunderstanding of the fact that Satan is a metaphor denoting a principle not a person.   When telling a story, a metaphor is a character used figuratively to convey an idea in a simple way such that children would be able to understand the story being told.   In many African mythologies, a wise tortoise is said to be the one that always outsmart other animals in the animal kingdom to win an award.    In one such story told by the Igbos (South East Nigeria) the story goes “once upon a time, a wealthy king wanted his beautiful daughter to get married but the condition given by the king was that whoever would marry the beautiful daughter must bring him an elephant.   All the wealthy men in the land vied to marry the king’s daughter but they all failed because they couldn’t ju