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Intellectual Slavery, The Most Dangerous Legacy of Colonialism

Intellectual Slavery, The Worst Legacy of Colonialism Western Education Has Fooled Me Information the west don’t want you to know (Part 1) IMPORTANT: Following many messages of gratitude that I've received from around Africa, the America's, Asians, and other formerly colonized nations around the world who read this article, I decided to escalate the message even further. Be informed that this article has long evolved into a book and it could be downloaded for FREE. To download e-book, see details at intellectual slavery, the worst legacy of colonialism . Of course, you may read the short version below, but you'll be missing so much because the ideas were still in formation when this article was written. That's by the way. Attention: African people, Greetings my African people. This message is for independent thinking Africans. For Africans who can think for themselves. For Africans devoid of crowd mentality. This part contains revelations into why