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The Mis-education of Black People. Why The Slave Master Want You To Be An Educated Fool

The Mis-education of Black People Why The Slave Master Want You To B e An Educated Fool By Horte As African children head back to school to face another school year I would like to make an attempt to explain to our community and particularly to young parents why and how the African child has been systematically mis-educated in the western world during the last 500 years, so that they can better understand the root causes of some of the aberrations and self destructive forms of behaviour they see in our community and to help them realize that if they want a brighter future for their children and for our community, then it is imperative that they no longer leave the education of their children solely in the hands of the western educational system, but rather to follow the advice of Malcolm X who told us years ago that “the black child’s education starts when the school bells rings at 4 p.m in the afternoon.” (This may vary depending on what time school ends in your country)  We