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Top 10 Africans & African-American scholars of black history you should know

Africans and African-American scholars of black history you should know Black history/ African-American history / African historians Africans must realize that the history we study in school is a European version of African history. Why? Because the Europeans after conquering the rest of the world and colonizing so many nations, installed their language, education, religion, in all conquered colonies, and in the process also installed their point of view about accounts of events (history), so the history we are taught is simply European account, not our account. If we colonized Europeans, history would've been different, it would've been to elevate ourselves. Look, the account they gave us is not a true historical account because history is written from the view point of the writer. In fact, history is written by the victors, not the vanquished. If I conquer you, if I enslave you, if I colonize you, I'll write your history to favor me and I'll force you to study