What is SATAN? What is Lucifer? - The biggest secret in the world

 What is Satan? What is Lucifer?- The biggest secret in the world

Satan means a radical advocate for alternative new knowledge


The origin of our problem as black people- The biggest secret in the world


Take note that I said ‘’what’’ is Satan not ‘’who’’ is Satan because the question of ‘’who’’ is Satan is a misunderstanding of the fact that Satan is a metaphor denoting a principle not a person. I need to say so before I begin, because so many lies have been told in this world, so much that we're literally living on heap of lies and our whole existence have been constructed on lies. But when you wake up and you do your research 3 layers deep, you'll see lies everywhere. Then you'll realize nothing in this world is as you think it is.

So, please open your eyes and read this to discover the root of our problem as black people, open your mind and you'll discover where our problem as a race began thousands of years ago. We blacks have been deceived and blackmailed on a global scale. We didn't arrive at our present condition in Africa or America or the Caribbean because we wanted to be the way we're today, rather something happened in ancient time that you'll never learn in school and its the fact that a malevolent conspiracy created thousands of years ago against black people did set up a chain of CAUSE, EFFECT, CONSEQUENCE reaction that landed us in our predicament as a race. I've researched this event for many years and I'll like to share with you how it all started.


I was a Christian for 35 years and a researcher but it never occurred to me to find out for myself what is Satan. Instead, I swallowed hook, line and sinker from my bible that Satan is evil. I even recorded a song "Satan kingdom is fall" back in the days when I pursued a music career and I had no clue about the real meaning of Satan. I was blind and totally lost in religion, and therefore, couldn't research the history of religions nor did I examine the character called satan in the bible and Koran.


The whole lie about Satan being evil began from a misunderstanding by Hellenized Jews (European Jews) of the Adam and Eve and Satan story in bible book of Genesis. That story is an allegory with metaphors representing metaphysical principles and it wasn't meant to be taken literally. The ancient people who lived before the Hellenized Jews and who wrote the original bible manuscripts understood that perfectly!


When telling a story, a metaphor is a character used figuratively to convey an idea in a simple way such that children would be able to understand the story being told.


In many African mythologies, a wise tortoise is said to be the one that always outsmart other animals in the animal kingdom to win an award. 


In one such story told by the Igbos (South East Nigeria) the story goes “once upon a time, a wealthy king wanted his beautiful daughter to get married but the condition given by the king was that whoever would marry the beautiful daughter must bring him an elephant.


All the wealthy men in the land vied to marry the king’s daughter but they all failed because they couldn’t just bring an elephant to the king’s palace. Nobody seem to know how to get the big elephant to the king. But the wise tortoise had an idea.


One day, the wise tortoise went to the elephant and said to the elephant that he met with the king and (the king) told him he would be having a big carnival and he would like you (the elephant) to be the chairman of the occasion. The elephant was dumbfounded by such a good news and it (the elephant) was very excited. The elephant said he've been looking for a way to go see the king’s palace and possibly propose to the king's daughter. They agreed to go early on the day of the occasion.


However, on the day of the occasion the wise tortoise came late in the afternoon. Seeing the tortoise late, the elephant was eager to get the journey started so that someone else wouldn’t replace it as the chairman. They left but on the way the tortoise deliberately couldn’t walk fast enough. It (the tortoise) was walking so slowly that it begged the elephant to allow it to climb onto its back. The smart tortoise already came with a rope which it tied on the neck of the elephant and was able to climb on its back. 


When they got to the king’s palace, the tortoise simply climbed down from the back of the elephant and handed over the rope to the king, saying ''this is the elephant I've brought to you to marry your daughter''. Finally, the king was happy because he got the elephant and the tortoise was then able to marry the king's beautiful daughter.’’ END OF THE STORY. 


The story was captured in a song titled ‘’Enyi ga achi’’ in Igbo but which translates in English as the elephant will rule. The song could be found on Youtube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FgU3sI4CTRk


The story above is an allegory used to teach circumspect and carefulness. The characters in the above story are not literal. They are metaphoric.

There was no king.

There was no daughter.

There was no elephant.

There was no tortoise.

There was no palace.


It’s just a story created in ancient time to teach many things. In Igbo land, the lesson from the story is BE CAREFUL WHOM YOU TRUST because even your friend could betray you.


So is the Adam and Eve story in the bible and Koran. Everybody has heard of how God created Adam and Eve in a garden of Eden where they lived in perfection. Then Satan came, tempted the woman Eve and made her to eat the fruit of knowledge of good and evil.


The story above is an allegory, it is not a real event that happened at a place in a long time ago. It was never meant to be taken literally!!. The bible was never meant to be taken literally!!.


There was no Adam.

There was no Eve.

There was no fruit.

There was no Eden.

There was no Satan or snake.

There was no God.


There was no anything. Its an allegory used to teach a lesson. And the lesson is that you should always choose knowledge.


In ancient times when there were no Television, ancient people devised a way of telling stories by creating images in the mind of the listener. The modern way of doing the same thing is to cast actors and actresses in a movie. When you watch a movie, the characters you see in the movie are exactly what the ancient people created in the minds of people 3,000 years ago when there were no Television.


And this brings me to the subject of perfection and the character called Satan in the Genesis story.  


The ancient Egyptians called Satan Seth and it represented the ruler at night time, while Heru (Horus) was the ruler in the day i.e Heru would rule in day time while Seth would rule at night time. Each complimenting each other.


That’s where the Greeks and Western religions; and Islam got their Satan concept. Horus represented ‘’the light’’ while Seth represented (not the anti-light or evil) as misunderstood and taught by Greek mythology from where the new testament bible picked it up but Seth is a principle that compliments the light. 


Both Horus and Seth represent the duality in nature; such as big/small, tall/short, far/near, good/bad, up/down, angry/happy, etc. You need one to understand the other. You can’t understand HAPPINESS unless you’ve been ANGRY before. You can’t understand FAR unless you understand what it means to be NEAR. You can’t understand BIG unless you know what it means to be SMALL, etc. That’s how the ancient people understood GOD and SATAN. They’re meant to be understood as complimentary not anti or against each other.


Nothing is good or bad at face value and nothing is bad or good at face value. Good or bad all depend on our motive and point of view. This duality requires an adult mind to understand it.  But let me give you an example; if you were leaving your house and just as you try to close the door a gang of kidnappers wielding AK 47 guns are looking for your father, they came down from the car right in front of your door, slapped you and ask you whether your father is indoors but you lied and said No. And just as you're struggling with them your father fortunately heard the squabbles and ran away through the window, thereby saving his life. Let me ask you; did you do anything wrong by lying? 


No, you didn't do anything wrong. 

But some other day, just as you were leaving the house, some people who are your father's business associates looking for him to sign a contract he bidded and won, met you at the door and ask you whether your father was indoors but you lied again and said No. Let's assume that this time you lied because you weren't happy because your father didn't buy you an iPhone for your birthday, and because of that you deliberately lied in anger to have your father lose the business. The people left and your father eventually lost the business worth $10 million dollars. Let me ask you again; did you do anything wrong by lying?

Yes, you did something wrong this time.

The above is the true nature of everything. And the best way to explain it further is to use HEAT and COLD. According to the book the Kabylon, it says ''take a look at your thermometer; can you tell where the cold begins and the heat stops?'' Whatever point you choose on the thermometer as the beginning of cold or heat is from your point of view. Someone else, if asked same question, could choose from a different point on the thermometer. The heat and cold are but different degrees of the same thing. So is God and Satan. 


Sometimes God can be evil and sometimes Satan could be good (metaphorically speaking) because both are principles. In the garden of Eden story, the character God and Satan are one and the same person. They are both sides of the same thing. When God is good from our point of view its called God/good and when God is bad from our point of view its called Satan/bad. 

That's the reality. And its very important at this point that you understand the difference between REALITY and TRUTH because they're not the same thing. 


What is reality? Reality is UNCONDITIONED truth. Reality is just what it is- reality. Its not contingent on anything. Example; you're reading this article now and you don't need any proof that you're reading it. You don't believe you are reading this, you know you're reading it. That's the reality.


What is truth? Truth is CONDITIONED reality. Truth is based on our perception of what we believe to be the reality. Truth is contingent on our pre-conditioning i.e truth is based on what we believe to be the reality. Example; if someone else is sitting just as you are but he/she is looking at a blank laptop computer screen. You can conclude from a distance that he/she is reading something. That would be your truth until you actually get close only to realize the person is not reading because the computer doesn't even have a battery. In other words, we can have different ways of explaining something depending on our point of view. This is a bit tricky to explain. Please see in pictures the difference between reality and truth.

That's the same thing with the Adam, Eve, God, Satan story in the bible. But how different cultures all over the world interpret that reality (like the above two examples) gives us different truths from culture to culture. That's why one thing could be good in another culture but deemed bad in another culture, while one thing could be good in another culture but bad in another culture. Therefore, truth is subjective!. Truth is the conclusion we arrive at based on our perception of reality. Truth is just a LABEL that we nickname reality for the sake of convenience. That's the reason you have different creation stories and belief systems around the world and each creation story no matter how weird represents the truth for each culture. 


The bible creation story is an example of such truth but not reality. The literal interpretation of the Adam and Eve story by white people is their own truth and it was interpreted literally to achieve a specific goal which was to blackmail Satan. Guess what? Whoever defines, whoever sets the precedent, whoever sets the context for reality gives you your truth. And whatever you believe to be the truth is hardwired in the brain in such a way that you'll be prejudiced against the reality, therefore, you'll be stuck to such an extent that you won't be able to go to the backend (reality) to create your own truth for yourself. That's why its very dangerous for an external culture to give you a GOD, LANGUAGE, EDUCATION because all three are precedent setters. If you believe in a God, you can't challenge it. If you speak a language, you can't challenge the meanings you get when you speak. If you learn something in school, you can't challenge it. 


What more? Whoever conditions your perception of reality, controls your belief, behavior and to a large extent your action. You're a slave to whoever gives you a language, education, religion.


The reality is that Adam and Eve represent the duality in nature and not a literal man and woman or event. Neither is God and Satan at war against one another, rather it's an allegory used to explain principles that has no simpler way to explain it to a kid. The whole Adam, Eve, Satan, God, Snake story in the bible book of Genesis is an allegorical myth just like the wise tortoise in the African mythology that I narrated earlier in the beginning. Again, there was never a tortoise or daughter or a king or a palace. It's just a story used to teach something. But if a 5 years old boy or girl takes the story literally, that would be the truth for that child and he/she won't be able to understand the real essence of the story. He/she would indeed have many questions, such as; why didn't the elephant tell the king the tortoise deceived him? Why didn't the elephant run away? Did the elephant wed the king's daughter in a church?

And that's why many Christians (even adults) wonder;  why did God plant the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil in the garden? Why did God create Satan? Why did God throw satan to the earth? Why did God do this or that? And all sort of stupid questions.

On perfection....

Perfection as used in the bible book of Genesis in the Adam and Eve story means the end of innovation, the end to development, the end of anything new. In fact, the state of perfection is the same as the state of death. Whenever something is perfect there's nothing more to add or do than to become ignorant, lame, and stagnant. Even in our personal lives, whenever you think you know it all and that you no longer need new knowledge, you'll end up at the other end, which is ignorance of new updates because other people would get ahead of you since you won't add more new knowledge. 


All ancient empires fall at the point they thought they were perfect. Whether its ancient Egypt, Rome, Greece, Persia, Ottoman, Britain, etc, all of them fall at the point they thought they were perfect. Even today, the reason China has come on board as a new world power is because Western civilization has reached the point where they think they're perfect. And when China reaches the point of perfection, some other country with new knowledge would come on board. This has been going on for millions of years.


That's why Satan (the first and real Christ) saved humanity from perfection/stagnation in the garden of Eden because Adam and Eve were perfectly in the state of stagnation and ignorance. They couldn’t know or go further in life since they were perfect. Therefore, they must be freed from perfection by acquiring RADICAL NEW KNOWLEDGE which, of course, Satan (real Christ) advocated for and provided for them. Pay attention to the word ADVOCATE above which means a lawyer. You'll need that later.


There's nothing bad or evil about Satan because when properly understood, Satan and Christ are the same person (metaphorically speaking). Both are principles (not a person) and the principle represents a lawyer, an advocate who saves, who delivers, who redeems just as a lawyer would save the life of his/her client from prison. Horus, Satan and Christ means the same thing!. That's why an honest early church father, Saint Augustine who lived between 396 AD to 430 AD, said; "the same thing which is now called Christian religion existed among the ancients. They have begun to call ''Christian'' the true religion which existed before." 

An honest early church father opened up the truth!!. If you're a good Christian and you really want the truth to set you free as you do tell people, I challenge you to go and find out what was that "true region which existed before" Christianity that Saint Augustine is talking about.

It is even in the bible but Christians are very blind to see!!. Satan and Christ were actually used interchangeably in the book of Isaiah and Revelation as the ‘’morning star’’ or ‘’star of the morning.’’


Revelation chapter 22 verse 16, read ‘’I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star.’’ Here Christ is interchangeably used as Satan.


Isaiah chapter 14 verse 12, read ‘’O star of the morning, son of the dawn! You have been cut down to the earth, you who have weakened the nations!’’ Here Satan is interchangeably used as Christ.

Note: The above bible passages are remnants of the truth left over by the bible authors by mistake. There would have been so many other passages in the bible where Satan and Christ were used interchangeably but the Greek and Roman authors edited out other passages and removed them but they forgot the above two passages by oversight. The above two passages are surviving proofs showing that Greek and Roman authors re-wrote or removed so many passages in the original African savior story in order to tell their own version of that story, which is now called Jesus. But they goofed big time in the above two passages and we've caught them red-handed.


In ancient time (before Europeans) arrived to partake in learning and sharing knowledge with the rest of the world, everything I am saying was well understood. Indeed, the rest of the world including Greece and Rome themselves used to come to Africa to learn these esoteric teachings. But they later got jealous of the ancient Egyptians.

Misunderstanding about these things began when the Greeks and later Romans sojourned in Africa and our African ancestors explained the stories to them like children (as seen in Genesis) but sadly they took it literally and when they assumed power, they imposed this literal interpretation on many other lands (colonies) which they conquered. And if you're a Christian or Muslim, that's how you, your church, mosques, pastors, Imams came to understand the Genesis story literally


The whole purpose of the Genesis story is exactly what happened. The story was told to make you realize that you must always choose knowledge at all times. You must not choose perfection because perfection means lack of innovation, lame, stagnation. 


The garden of Eden represents a place of stagnation and ignorance. That's why the Genesis God indeed allowed Adam and Eve to choose knowledge (above his own will) so that they could use that knowledge to explore the rest of the world. In other words, Satan actually saved humanity first from ignorance and stagnation in the garden of Eden (metaphorically speaking) and the second saving happened as Christ (metaphorically speaking) saved the world. Christ is also a principle (which played the devil's advocate) in the new testament bible, he's not a human being who saved the world. The concept of Christ was already at least 5,000 years old before Jesus supposedly lived. When properly understood, you'll realize that Satan and Jesus are one and the same person!. Both represent the principle of salvation but with the Egyptian concept being older and more real than the European concept of same thing.


Still don't get it? Ok, let me ask you; have you ever heard the saying ''to play the devil's advocate?''

Once you understand what is meant by ''to play the devil's advocate'' which we say when someone tries to defend something we don't commonly like, you'll understand the meaning of satan/Christ. In your bible, the character called Jesus indeed played ''the devil's advocate'' and was killed for that reason!!. But the devil's advocate doesn't mean a bad or evil person. It means someone with a counter opinion or radical different view of a subject. That's exactly what a lawyer does for his/her client. That's what the Satan or Lucifer principle stood for since ancient time before anybody heard of a Jesus. And indeed, the new testament bible called Jesus Christ ''advocate'' in 1 John chapter 2 verse 1. It reads ''my little children, these things write I unto you, that ye sin not. And if any man sin, we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous.''- King James Version.


Even in the Jewish tradition, Satan does not mean evil or bad but it means ‘’an advocate’’ and it could be found today in many passages of the old testament bible. According to Ms. Shawna Dolansky, writing in www.biblicalarchaeology.org, she said ‘’the noun satan, Hebrew for “adversary” or “accuser,” occurs nine times in the Hebrew Bible: five times to describe a human military, political or legal opponent, and four times with reference to a divine being. 


In Numbers 22, the prophet Balaam, hired to curse the Israelites, is stopped by a messenger from Israel’s God YHWH, described as “the satan” acting on God’s behalf (Satan as God's advocate). 


In Job, “the satan” is a member of God’s heavenly council- one of the divine beings, whose role in Job’s story is to be an “accuser,” a status acquired by people in ancient Israel and Mesopotamia for the purposes of particular legal proceedings. In Job’s case, what’s on trial is God’s assertion that Job is completely “blameless and upright” vs. the satan’s contention that Job only behaves righteously because God has rewarded him (is the job of a lawyer/advocate). God argues that Job is rewarded because he is good, and not good because he is rewarded. Then satan challenges God to a wager that if everything is taken away from poor Job, he won’t be so good anymore, and God accepts. Though a perception of “the satan” as Satan would make this portrait of God easier to swallow, the story demonstrates otherwise; like Yahweh’s messenger in Numbers 22, this satan acts on YHWH’s instructions (and as a result of God’s braggadocio) and is not an independent force of evil.


In Zechariah 3, the prophet describes a vision of the high priest Joshua standing in a similar divine council, also functioning as a tribunal. Before him stand YHWH’s messenger and the satan, who is there to accuse him (legal representative). This vision is Zechariah’s way of pronouncing YHWH’s approval of Joshua’s appointment to the high priesthood in the face of adversarial community members, represented by the satan. The messenger rebukes the satan and orders that Joshua’s dirty clothing be replaced, as he promises Joshua continuing access to the divine council. Once again, the satan is not Satan who we read about in the New Testament.


The word satan appears only once without “the” in front of it in the entire Hebrew Bible: in 1 Chronicles 21:1. Is it possible that we finally have Satan here portrayed? 1 Chronicles 21 parallels the story of David’s census in 2 Samuel 24, in which God orders David to “go number Israel and Judah” and then punishes king and kingdom for doing so. The Chronicler changes this story, as he does others, to portray the relationship between God and David as uncompromised; he writes that “a satan stood up against Israel and he provoked David to number Israel” (1 Chronicles 21:6–7; 27:24). Although it is possible to read “Satan” here instead of “a satan” (Hebrew uses neither uppercase letters, nor indefinite articles, e.g., “a”), nothing else in this story or in any texts for another 300 years indicates that the idea of an evil prince of darkness exists in the consciousness of the Israelites.’’


Satan began being associated with bad or evil from the later part of Greek time in North Africa. When Greece was in power, they colonized part of North Africa, which included the place known today as Palestine and Israel. And like all other colonial empires did, they created new religion and belief systems for the natives. 


Whenever a colonial power conquers a people (colonies), one thing they did was give the natives a new LANGUAGE, EDUCATION, RELIGION. So the Greeks influenced and even originated most of the bible stories.


In Greek, Satan means ‘’diabolos’’ which translates in English as ‘’devil’’ derived from the word “slanderer,” which comes from the verb “to hurl” i.e to hurl accusations. Through the Greeks and probably the Romans too, the meaning shifted from an advocate to evil and that’s how Satan gradually began being seen as evil or bad in the New Testament era, which was written in Greek language by the Greeks, not by the original Jews who were non-European.


According to Mr. John Gregory Drummond, in an article on www.biblicalarchaeology.org, he said ‘’it is difficult to determine at which point in Israel’s history the Accuser began to take on a much more sinister role in the Israelite/Jewish belief structure, or how heaven’s great prosecutor became the prince of darkness (Ephesians 6:12). It is certainly easy to make the connection between Israel’s time in exile and the likely influence of the cosmic dualism of Persian religion. However, even within books written well after the return from foreign lands, the Accuser is still a self-righteous lawyer. Though if 1 Chronicles 21:1 is any indication, they began to believe the Accuser wasn’t above getting his hands dirty.


It is perfectly clear, however, that by the first century C.E., Judaism developed a belief in the divine forces of darkness doing battle against the forces of light. (He is talking about Hellenized Jews or European Jews enslaved by Greek and Roman thoughts during colonialism of Palestine in ancient time. Those Jews and Greeks and Rome are the originators of religions). This can be seen within the New Testament and other extra-Biblical writings such as those found among the Dead Sea Scrolls. There are likely several factors that inspired these developments, including the influence of Persian, as well as Hellenistic, religions.


If there was an army of evil spiritual forces making war on the righteous, they had to have a commander. It is at this time that the impersonal and lofty Accuser began to acquire the various names and titles that have filled the writings of western civilization for 2,000 years. The Greek word diabolos (from which “devil” is derived), meaning “slanderer,” comes from a verb that means “to hurl” (i.e., accusations).’’


My research has led me to the conclusion that mischievous or ignorant Hellenized Jews (European Jews) invented the concept of black as evil, snake as evil and satan as evil, all being metaphor for Africa (land of the blacks) because there's no place in historical record where there was a concept of a snake being evil before the Greeks. The idea of a snake being evil is only found in the bible book of Genesis. It is not found in African philosophy, or Eastern philosophy (Asian) or native American philosophy. In fact, both China and native Americans (Mexico) venerate a snake-like dragon as the mythical founder of their nations. And so did our ancient Egyptian ancestors.


Pharaoh (king) Tutankhamun with his head adorned with a snake

The ancient Egyptian Pharaohs adorned their official head dress with an image of snake (BLACK cobra) which indeed meant many things, among them; black savior or advocate or the redeemer. In other words, the Pharaohs represented the savior Horus (Satan/Christ) on earth. The snake also represented and still does represent today ''re-creation'' or being born again (as the snake shed its skin to become re-born in a new skin). 


 The snake shed its old skin to become born again

The snake shedding its old skin also means a new beginning, to be enlightened, to start all over again, to be given another chance, new ways, new life. All these are the real meanings of its representation in the bible book of Genesis story as did all other ancient cultures across the world, except in Europe. And it was from here that the whole concept of BEING BORN AGAIN and all the rest of attributes originally associated with Horus was later transferred to Christianity and Jesus. Funny enough, Christians have no idea that Jesus came directly from so called pagans. The good news is that it can be verified today with artifacts in museums and monuments still standing in Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia today. I'll get to that shortly.

Everything; I mean everything about Jesus was copied from older saviors that was believed for thousands of years before Rome and Greece came to power. But the saviors weren't called Jesus neither were the ancient spiritual systems spread throughout the world to be used as a tool to enslave people.

The saying "I am the way, the truth and life. No one cometh to the father except by me" was first claimed by the African God-man savior called Horus and it was documented in papyrus (ancient books) over 5,000 years before anybody heard of Jesus. This is why the older books had to be outlawed by Rome once the bible was written.

All the quotes in the bible that ''Jesus said to them" were actually copied from older sayings by older saviors, such as Zoroaster, Horus, Mithra, Buddha, Tammuz, etc. Do unto others as you'll have them do unto you, reap what you sow, love thy God your God, thou shall not kill, thou shall not lie, come to me all ye that labor, I am the way the truth and life, love thy neighbor as yourself, No one cometh to the father except by me, etc were copied from older saviors into the bible and Koran.

Everything from the bibles concept of heaven, hell, resurrection are all found in the Egyptian book of coming forth by day and night a.k.a the book of the dead. 

In the below drawing (now in the British museum) made several thousands of years before anybody heard of a Jesus, the African Horus (the resurrected son of God Osiris) is seen holding a CROSS while taking a dead man through the gate of hell.

 The emblem of the cross signified RESURRECTION before Jesus!!.

Before anybody heard of Jesus, we already had an emblem of a cross in Africa called ankh and it meant SALVATION or ETERNAL LIFE. But they've lied to you that the cross originated from Christianity and that Jesus is the way. If Jesus is real; how come there was already a cross in Africa signifying ETERNAL LIFE before anybody heard of Jesus?

Europeans succeeded in hijacking our original African spiritual system and giving us one designed in their image. We no longer have any recollection of our ancient African spiritual system because they've set the meaning and context for God in our heads, such that we don't realize that he who set the context for God, sets your spiritual truth.

Now, let's return to the story of the dead man and Horus as shown in the ancient picture....

Fortunately, the dead man made it through the gate of hell and Horus is seen taking him to the father (Osiris/God) on his throne because it was said that he (Horus) is the way, the truth and life. No one cometh to the father (Osiris) except by him. This is where the bible authors copied the concept. It is in the ancient drawing for all to see!!.

The scenario depicted in the attached ancient picture was thoroughly explained by two museum attendants at the British museum in the short video clip below. The explainers are white people (a man and a woman) and I am relieved that you won't accuse me of being Afrocentric this time. Just listen carefully to what they said.

''I am the way, the truth and life. No one cometh to the father except by me''- Horus 5,000 years before Jesus

Unfortunately, Europeans misunderstood the representation of the snake either malevolently or by sheer stupidity and for centuries black people have paid and still paying the price for the generational blackmail done to us. 


Its very important that black people realize that the Adam and Eve and Satan story in the bible book of Genesis provided the foundational justification for slavery, racism, colonialism, apartheid and every other injustice done to black people on this earth till this day because Europeans claimed that black people were cursed by God simply because we're black i.e satan, snake, and they made the whole world believe it. They blackmailed black people on a global scale!.

That justification based on the bible was the reason the first British ship that came from Britain in 1619 to ferry Africans as slaves to America was called JESUS. Yes, Jesus!!. The full name of the ship was Jesus of Lubeck. 


How about the first Spanish ship to ferry slaves from Africa to the Americas? Do you know the name? The first Spanish ship to ferry Africans as slaves to America was called Santa Maria. That's Spanish for Jesus's mother Saint Mary. Was that a coincidence? No. It wasn't a coincidence because both Britain and Spain had other ships but they deliberately chose to come ferry Africans to America as slaves with Jesus and Mary to prove a point. Haven't you connected the dots yet?


Its a pity that many black brothers and sisters who believe the bible God have no idea of what they're participating in. They have no idea they're reading a book that laid the foundational justification for the Atlantic slave trade, colonialism, apartheid and racism against black people all over the world today. And guess what? Since you/we believe the bible God, whatever the book says shall become true because ''it shall be done to you as you believe!!.'' We're reading a book that says that we're cursed and we agree!!. 

The Genesis creation story and the concept of Christ, savior, and redeemer were understood differently in ancient time. Be careful of what you read in the bible today because it is not the original story, rather its a subverted version of the story. 


Below is the creation story as told by the ancient Egyptians (for adults) and it was from here that some other cultures took the story and modified it as it suit them. The story was meant to be understood by educated people at that time, so don't worry if you don't understand it. The ancient Egyptians wrote and spoke in high terms, which is why the story was simplified for the Greeks since the ancient Egyptians considered them as children. Note that the story is also an allegory as there's no way to by-pass language to say something, unless to show an image or touch or smell something. The Genesis account is the children's version of same story.

The creation story of the ancient Egyptians


The reason you have the bible the way it is today is because when Europeans became world power and took over power from ancient Egypt, they re-wrote the ancient Egyptian beliefs, burnt their libraries, subverted, colonized, and over-threw black power by making the snake a representation of evil. And that was the beginning of hatred for black people. When I made this discovery, I was surprised to realize that racism against black people has been going on for thousands of years, starting from around 332 BC when Alexander (the so called great) conquered North Africa; which included the region of Palestine/Israel being part of North Africa at that time. 


African historians got it all wrong, racism didn't originate with the advent of the Atlantic slave trade. Racism has always been there since around 332 BC but it wasn't called racism yet as it was still in evolution. It began like a kind of rivalry between Greece plus Rome versus Africa at about the time power began to shift to Europe. Let me give you a quick rundown below. 


In 332 BC, Greece invaded ancient Egypt led by Alexander the so called great. Before then, some population of Greeks had lived here as peasants and without any political power since our native Egyptian ancestors were still in charge. But once Greece invaded they immediately began assuming authority. At first, there was initially an unsuccessful attempt by a European named Ptolemy to install himself as a God but Africans refused to worship him. He eventually made a deal with some deranged Coptic Egyptians and installed a god called Serapis, which was worshiped in Ptolemy's image. In his book; Jesus never existed, author Kenneth Humphreys said that Serapis had many tittles and one of them was ''Christ'' the savior, the redeemer, a title previously reserved only for the Egyptian pharaohs. This is how historians know when and how the invention of Jesus began. The Greeks subdued, colonized and ruled over their once benefactors and masters for about 300 years.

In 202 BC, Rome conquered the North African nation state of Carthage and colonized the people of Africa for the first time. Hannibal the last general standing went on self exile. The African population was humiliated.


In 30 BC, Rome again invaded ancient Egypt beginning with the invasion of Julius Casar. They replaced the Greeks, enslaved and colonized the people of Africa for the second time. They ruled for about 600 years. Before I forget, sometime during their rule, a Roman Emperor named Constantine wanted to be recognized by the ancient Egyptians into the Egyptian mystery system but he was denied access. Those are the kind of rivalries that I am talking about because Constantine would later adopt Christianity and use it to enslave parts of the same North Africa that once rejected him into their cult.

In 641 AD, it was the turn of the Arabs. They invaded, colonized and introduced their religion Islam. Let me at this point say that Judaism, Christianity, Islam are one and the same religion because all claim that a mythical figure named Abraham is their ancestral father and origin. Don't be fooled by any seeming difference between the three religions. All of them share the same Adam and Eve story. Therefore, same perception of black being evil.


In 711 AD, a population of black North Africans called moors migrated to Europe and initially settled in Spain and Portugal. Most of them were Muslims, having adopted the religion from the Arab invaders. Spain and Portugal prospered under the moors. They built the first universities in both Spain and Portugal. Yes, black people built the first universities in Spain and Portugal. The moors were also expert traders and the only suppliers of foreign goods into Europe. These enterprising moors inadvertently (not their fault) landed us into trouble in sub-Saharan Africa as a whole. Don't worry, I'll explain.

According to Adam Smith in his book; wealth of nations, he said that the Portuguese ''had been endeavoring during the course of the 15th century to find out by sea a way to the countries from which the moors brought them ivory and gold across the desert'' but to no avail. It seems the moors kept the trade route and the source of their supply a secret. However, the Portuguese eventually succeeded and in the process of looking for the Moorish trade route, according to Adam Smith again, the Portuguese discovered ''Madeiras, the Canaries, the Azores, Cape Verde, Guinea, Loango, Congo, Angola, Benguela, and finally the Cape of good hope'' in South Africa.


In 1492, the moors were conquered in Europe with the co-operation of King Ferdinand II and Isabela I (both of them Christians) who resented the leadership of black people in any part of Europe. After the moors were conquered, many were held as slaves in Europe and it marked the defeat of black skinned people and shift of power to Europe. The first slaves to the Americas were moors shipped directly from Europe, not from Africa. But from the moors, European slave traders made the connection to West Africa and that's how black people as a whole become seen as slaves later. If you understand the stages, you can see clearly how we got to our present predicament as blacks. It didn't happen overnight. It evolved between 332 BC to 1492. That's over a period of 1,800 years!. We should have seen them coming!.


Once the Portuguese discovered the Moorish trade routes and the source of supply for the commodities the moors supplied to Europe, the African continent was set up for slavery and colonialism. Spain, Britain, France and the rest of Europe were later to swoop on Africa like roaring lions looking for who to devour. We should have seem them coming!.


Again, racism as it is known today evolved over time and the foundational basis is the Adam, Eve, Satan story in the bible book of Genesis. Since they (Europeans) wrote that the snake, a friendly animal in ancient Egypt and an ancient emblem of black was cursed by God, it provided them the justification to hate and also spread hate against black people.

The brainwashing and subduing of black people began the moment ancient Egypt was invaded and colonized by Greece and they installed Ptolemy (Christ) Soter as a god and made some Africans worship the white man as god. Some Africans must have fled to Southern Egypt but from then on Europeans saw the possibility that one common religion could be used to control people in all their colonies, and therefore, should be spread elsewhere. This is really where Europeans got the idea of a Jesus since Ptolemy himself already called himself Christ in Africa. There was already a European king in Africa called Christ before Jesus!. You'll never hear this in school. 


The God Serapis
Commissioned by Ptolemy I Soter: the first European to call himself Christ in Africa about 300 BC

In light of the above, it appears that Jesus was specifically invented to enslave black people. That's the logical conclusion one has to draw. And that's why our history was stolen and the Adam and Eve story was re-written by Greece, Rome to have Horus/Satan/snake principles re-named Jesus. It was from then on that blacks began to be brainwashed to believe the white supremacist mindset that has got us thinking that whites are the ''be all and end all'' and that we cannot be better than them. From then on white people started coining by-worlds to make us hate ourselves. Words, by-words, and phrases that were coined and still being coined to humiliate the black race includes; black day, blackguard, black sheep, black mood, black widow, blackmail, black money, blacklist, black Thursday, black marketeer, blackhead, blackball, black market, black out, black death, black maria, black knight, black Monday, black spot, black economy, black ice, black look, black magic, black mark, black ops, blackout, blackjack, black hole, blackleg, black Wednesday, blackboard jungle, black eye, black mass. Go to any English, French, Portuguese, Spanish dictionary and you'll see more. Then go to Chinese, Japanese or other Asiatic but non-bible and non-Islamic nation dictionaries and search the word ''black.'' It would simply tell you ''the color back'' and nothing more. Japanese and Chinese dictionaries that I've checked do not recognize all the black by-words used by Europeans to describe negativity. Only European languages do that!. That alone speaks volume. And remember BLACK is a metaphor for Africa. So, you see the hatred all goes back to the Adam and Eve story!.


Basically, everything negative was then to be associated with satan/black man. And how you know that it was deliberately done is that words like; white lie, white magic, white list, e.t.c are associated with positivity, god/white man. You see, the hatred against the black race is DEEP rooted in their gene and consciousness. Again, it all originated from the Adam and Eve story. A myth!!.


Before the fall of ancient Egypt and before Europeans came to power (332 BC) to dominate the world, snakes were perceived in good light by our ancient Egyptian ancestors and were domesticated to live peacefully at home among people. The snake is still seen in good light in many parts of Africa and India. 


In Hindu tradition, Satan is represented as Shiva. It is called Lord Shiva and is even a God!. Shiva is one of the Gods of creation; among them Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva. According to a BBC religion publication, it says ''Brahma is the creator of the universe while Vishnu is the preserver of it. Shiva's role is to destroy the universe in order to re-create it. Hindus believe his powers of destruction and recreation are used even now to destroy the illusions and imperfections of this world, paving the way for beneficial change. According to Hindu belief, this destruction is not arbitrary, but constructive. Shiva is therefore seen as the source of both good and evil and is regarded as the one who combines many contradictory elements.''

Hindu's Shiva is associated with neck of a snake

Guess what? Shiva's neck is depicted as the neck of a snake. This confirms that the ancient Egyptians had a similar concept of Satan as a non-evil principle. If we could rewind back history and find out who first made the snake and satan a representation of evil, we would've traced racism to its very source.


The misunderstanding of the allegory of the Adam and Eve story is the reason spirituality became religion and religion became poisonous as is today. In ancient time, there were no religious wars among people because as I said earlier people understood the God and Satan concept. You can never find any place in ancient history where there was a religious war. 


All religious wars began with the advent of Christianity, which believed in a literal Adam, Eve, Snake and perfect God and they infected Islam, which is why both religions became a disease to humanity.

Can you guess what happened to Europe when they adopted the perfect God concept? Europe (like Adam and Eve) died in perfection, stagnation, ignorance!. 


Christianity became the official religion of the Roman empire in 325 AD and by 400 AD (75 years later) Europe entered an age appropriately called the dark ages. During the dark ages, it is said that all knowledge was lost in Europe because they believed the bible God and the bible were perfect and cannot be challenged. The result was poverty and death of knowledge for about 1,000 years!!. 


Then by the 1600's, during an age they call the renaissance period, Europe made a U-turn and began questioning the bible God and the authority of the bible. Do you know what happened to Europe again? Their eyes (like Adam and Eve) opened.


Europe was then ushered into what they call the age of scientific revolution. The scientific age was an age when Europe literally began challenging the authority of not just the bible but the God Jehovah YAHWEH. Europe then took their destiny away from the bible God and instead into their own hands. Science and scientific thought became the order of the day. The result was that Europe then began to develop at a phenomenal speed to the point that they surpassed the rest of the world in development. The rest is history.


Yet, despite the enormous scientific revolution and the cultural change that swept across Europe as a result, but at no time did Europeans tell Africans or any part of their colony in the world about scientific thought and how science could bring development. Instead, they intensified religious teachings about Jesus, hell fire, heaven and the kingdom of God in order to keep us blind. But for you a black man or woman to worship Jesus is to worship the white man as your God because he defined it, set its context and gave it to you. You didn't verify its authenticity from God and will never be able to verify it. The only thing you have is story in a book. But Jesus could also be blackmailed, turned upside down and made to be Satan! Yes, it could be done in another book! Jesus itself is a proof that with literature anything is possible!


Religion is such a disease that has infected humanity today because religions believe there's a perfect God instead of working to improve upon God's perfection by adding more knowledge to the so called holy books. They don't realize that God's perfection 3,000 years ago included accepting human sacrifice and ordering the killing of innocent children. They don't understand that we can make God more perfect today by removing certain things in the bible and koran and replacing them with modern knowledge.


If you believe anything can ever be perfect, then stop downloading or updating your mobile Apps because the current version you have is perfect. Get it?


Perfection is an illusion. Its unattainable but with new knowledge (Satan's intervention) you can always be in ''pursuit of perfection'' forever like Lexus automobiles. 


It is in the process of  "perfecting" (not perfection) that things get better than they were before; including God, Allah, bible, koran, should all be in the process of perfecting or updated by we humans. All the Gods and holy books themselves came to us in the process of perfecting from about 7,000 years ago and kept being changed from generation to generation till it abruptly stopped once the bible and koran were written and were spread across the world through slavery and colonialism. Religious beliefs should be updated from generation to generation to accommodate new findings about God. Only then shall religions be a force for good.


Note: Like Europe did, if we replicate the same shift of thought in Africa: replace religion with science, adopt our native languages to learn in school, we'll achieve the same result like Europe because only then shall our eyes open collectively on the African continent.




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