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Education, Culture, Black consciousness, Psychology, Global white control, Economics - Dr. Amos Wilson

Education for who's interest ? Dr. Amos Wilson: Lectures on Education, Culture, Black consciousness There is something about education that educationists in Africa are missing. And that is; education is not just for your personal development so that you get a job or get an award or go speak at Ted or grant interview on international media houses or hold meeting at international conferences that has nothing to do with the development of your culture. Education is a social and cultural development tool. When taken together, education is for the development of your culture. If your education cannot be used to advance the interest of your culture and move your culture forward, then your education is useless.  Sadly, that's mostly the case in Africa and other colonized countries around the world, who continue to be indoctrinated with ideologies, thesis, conjectures, theories and so called "facts" that were developed by Euro-Americans for themselves in THEIR quest for