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Education, Culture, Black consciousness, Psychology, Global white control, Economics - Dr. Amos Wilson

Education for who's interest? Dr. Amos Wilson: Lectures on Education, Culture, Black consciousness There is something about education that educationists in Africa are missing. And that is; education is not just for your personal development so that you get a job or go speak at Ted or grant interview on international media houses or hold meeting at international conferences that has nothing to do with the development of your culture. Education is a social and cultural development tool. When taken together, education is for the development of your culture. The reason we miss the point is because once Europeans imposed their language, education, religion on us, they hijacked the natural tools for our organic African cultural evolution. Ever since, our perception has been distorted and we don't see clearly anymore.    In her book, Yurugu: An African-Centered Critique of European Cultural Thought and Behavior , Dr. Marimba Ani notes that '' the secret Europeans disco