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How God created the universe- creation stories, myths around the world

How about creation stories that predate the God of the bible and Koran? Jehovah Yahweh is not older than 4,000 years old. Yahweh is a junior God There are thousands of creation stories and mythologies around the world. Most of them predate the bible and Koran creation myths. In fact, most of them are more interesting.  Africans have been in the world for millions of years before any other race and we created creation stories when there was no Yahweh, no Allah, no god called "God." According to history, the god Yahweh is not older than 4,000 years old, whereas the God Amen, Ra, Osiris predate Yahweh by at least 5,000 years old.  The ancient Egyptian creation myth and the Dogon creation myths predate the bible creation myth by thousands of years. The Dogon creation myth is the source of the big bang theory, which is nothing but a modern creation mythology. Let me present to you creation stories from around the world. Remember, this is just a few I could find online. Chinese cre