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Only Africans Can Develop Africa

Only Africans Can Develop Africa THE African continent has no choice but to completely divorce itself from the disastrous and dependent construct of ‘just surviving, merely existing’ and indefinitely root itself into the real and tangible trajectory of living, the reality of a dignified lifestyle. The day-in-day-out toil for barebones survival, the contentment with the ‘beggars and burgers theory’ is just unacceptable right here in the meaty-beefy, resource-laden continent. The ‘cradle of mankind’ is well-endowed with abundant natural resources, raw beauty and manned by extraordinary social engineers with the African cause which was stubbornly self-tattooed at the inception of existence. This is a continent with a cause, a just cause, a bona fide blue-print for its re-ignition, its re-organisation and intended dignified re-emergence. These social engineers are not new and we have witnessed their emergence before in the form of Kwame Nkrumah