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Top 200 books black people must read or die

Read or Die         Good day brothers and sisters, I am very sorry that I haven't been posting regularly for a while. And thanks to all the people that contacted me to ask why I wasn't posting anymore. Someone even contacted me from Japan!. That's when I realized that people from all over the world are actually reading what I have to say. Well, the problem is that it takes me a lot of time in research to write the thing I post on this blog as I don't know how not to go into details. I don't like to write something that would leave the reader with some questions at the end. That's why when I write I go into details. Sometimes, I spend weeks or even a month getting together the materials I post, and since I don't carry advert here and I am not rich, it makes it impossible to keep posting regularly.  It's very important that black people find time to read because a lot of information has been hidden away from us; courtesy of many years of slavery and coloni

How to use Twitter without VPN installed

How to use Twitter or any other site without VPN   Forgive me if you see me posting technology topic on this blog. You all know I usually blog about African history, black consciousness, and black history in general. But what you all don't know is that I am actually a technology writer but I don't post that as a blog. I publish downloadable digital products on how-to-do's showing people how to solve certain things like the one you're about to read. That's how I make money and that's why you don't see advert on this blog. The topic could be about anything. Enough said. Yesterday, the Nigerian government blocked use of Twitter in Nigeria and I have to see what I can do to help Nigerians access Twitter without spending money. If I can't use my knowledge to help someone with information, there's no need having such knowledge.    Its clear that most people won't have money to order paid VPN subscription. Fortunately, there's a way to us