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Education in Africa is Still Colonialism and Has Always Been

Education in Africa is Still Colonialism, and Has Always Been By Savo Heleta  @Savo_Heleta The movement to decolonise higher education — a coalition of students, progressive academics, university staff and concerned public — must find ways to hold the institutions accountable and maintain a nonviolent and intellectual struggle until Eurocentrism and epistemic violence at universities are dismantled. Calls for decolonisation of universities have been long overdue. The movement to decolonise higher education was launched into the public sphere by students in 2015 and has been maintained by them and a small number of progressive academics ever since. The fact that the students had to kick-start the campaign for decolonisation of the curriculum rooted in colonialism and apartheid — and not the university leaders, academics and administrators — tells a lot about the state of higher education in post-apartheid South Africa and the continued maintenance of the hegemonic status quo