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African School Of Grassroots Science- a solid foundation for Africa's development

African School Of Grassroots Science A Solid Foundation For Africa's Development Information the West Don't Want You To Know (Part 2) IMPORTANT: Following many messages of gratitude that I've received from around Africa, the America's, Asians, and other formerly colonized nations around the world who read this article, I decided to escalate the message even further. Be informed that this article has long evolved into a book and it could be downloaded for FREE. To download e-book, see details at intellectual slavery, the worst legacy of colonialism . Of course, you may read the short version below, but you'll be missing so much because the ideas were still in formation when this article was written. That's by the way. Attention: African people, Greetings my African people!. This message contains a revelation I received from God in 2012 about why Africa is technologically backward and poor, and also the solution. Of course, I' am not talking abou