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The Lost History. Why was black history stolen?

The Lost History: Who stole black history ? Why was black history stolen ? The science of archaeology, paleontology, and genetics has all proved beyond any doubt that human life originated in Africa. They have all shown that the first humans that ever lived had lived in Africa. See using DNA to trace   human origin and migration . Then, click through 1-19 to learn. Alternatively, you may watch the video below. It was summarized in this video (9 minutes only). Human ancestry made easy Despite facts from the science of genetics about human origins, yet western movies, books, continue to present Adam and Eve as whites.  Despite facts from archeology and paleontology, yet Hollywood and cinemas continue casting bible characters as whites! Adam and Eve were black- according to science How could Adam and Eve be white; when human life began in Africa?    How could Adam and Eve be white; when the first humans lived in Africa? Just think about it. Adam an