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The difference between Reality, Truth and Perception

  The difference between Reality, Truth and Perception    Reality is UNCONDITIONED truth. Truth is CONDITIONED reality. Perception is the KEY to both It is very funny that the majority of us humans don't care about the reality about something, instead we care about the truth. Yet, many times, we're fooled by false perception only for us to discover the reality about something later. That's the reason most people are just simpletons because they don't really understand the true nature (reality) about something.  Its very important at this point in your life to understand the difference between PERCEPTION,  REALITY and TRUTH because they're not the same thing. What is perception? Perception is the way we're wired to view things based on the amount and quality of information we have. So, even if you have the wrong information, your life would be constructed in such a way that you'll be convinced that you have the right information. And you'll live in an ill

What is Satan? What is Lucifer? - The biggest secret in the world

What is Satan? What is Lucifer?- The biggest secret in the world Satan means a radical advocate for alternative new knowledge.... enlightened    The origin of our problem as black people - The biggest secret in the world   Take note that I said ‘’what’’ is Satan, not ‘’who’’ is Satan because the question of ‘’who’’ is Satan is a misunderstanding of the fact that Satan is a metaphor denoting a principle, not a person. I need to say so before I begin, because so many lies have been told in this world, so much that we're virtually living on heap of lies and our whole existence have been constructed on lies. But when you wake up and you do your research 3 layers deep, you'll see lies everywhere. Then you'll realize that nothing in this world is as you think it is. So, please open your eyes and read this to discover the root of our problem as black people, o pen your mind and you'll discover where our problem as a race began thousands of years ago. We blacks have been dece