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Education for who's interest?
Dr. Amos Wilson: Lectures on Education, Culture, Black consciousness

There is something about education that educationists in Africa are missing. And that is; education is not just for your personal development so that you get a job or go speak at Tedex or grant interview on international media houses or hold meeting at international conferences that has nothing to do with the development of your culture. Education is a social and cultural development tool. When taken together, education is for the development of your culture.

The reason we miss the point is because once Europeans imposed their language, education, religion on us, they hijacked the natural tools for our organic African cultural evolution. Ever since, our perception has been distorted and we don't see clearly anymore. In her book, Yurugu, Dr. Marimba Ani notes that ''the secret Europeans discovered early in their history is that culture carries rules for thinking, and that if you could impose your culture on your victims, you could limit the creativity of their vision, destroying their ability to act with will and intent and in their own interest.''

There are three things Europeans imposed on their colonies in order to destroy the culture of the natives. And that is LANGUAGE, EDUCATION, RELIGION.

Therefore, since the white man gave us English LANGUAGE, it was for the purpose of controlling us. Since he gave us EDUCATION, it was for purpose of controlling us. Since he gave us RELIGION it was for the purpose of controlling us. 

Culture is condensed language, language is condensed thought, thought is condensed perception, perception is condensed conditioning. All conditioning comes from REALITY based conditioning or DECEIT based conditioning. There's nothing in front of conditioning, except that you return to culture. Conditioning and culture are one and the same. They're in a loop!. Culture comes from conditioning and conditioning in turn comes from culture.

Education is the ultimate conditioning factory whereby children are being molded (conditioned) from childhood to learn and believe certain things. Once believed, it is almost impossible to unbelieve something. 

Therefore, since Europeans gave us language,  education, religion (the three most powerful conditioning tool) they've automatically taken away our African perception of reality, and instead form our perception, thereby, destroying every other thing about us. Remember, whoever conditioned your perception of reality, controls your belief, behavior and to a large extent your action. 

The reason we are in such a bad shape in Africa is because we have adopted an alien perception of reality. Thus, are unable to understand ourselves and the solution to our problems.

One person that understands this is Dr. Amos Wilson. But let me quickly add that he don't like to be addressed as ''Dr'' as he's conscious enough to know its a European title.

Dr. Amos Nelson Wilson was an African-American theoretical psychologist, social theorist, Pan-African thinker, scholar, author and a professor of psychology at the City University of New York.

In the following lectures (Mp3 audio) he talks about education, culture, psychology, global white control, economics, black consciousness. If you're an African, you must listen to these lectures, so that you can get your perspectives right about education. 

Note: One of the lectures have blank (pause) of about 20 minutes, so please be patient and wait for it to continue and don't skip. Another has about 5 minutes pause as well. Again, wait for it to continue playing.

A similar person is Dr. Marimba Ani. She wrote a book called Yurugu and in the below interview she granted to a radio station about the book, she discussed education, black consciousness, European global control.

Yurugu - Dr Marimba Ani. Mp3 (audio)

Only knowledge shall set us free.

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