The difference between reality and truth

  The difference between reality and truth

Reality is UNCONDITIONED truth. Truth is CONDITIONED reality.

Its very funny that majority us humans don't care about the reality about something, instead we care about the truth. Yet, many times, we're fooled only for us the discover the reality about something later. That's the reason most people are just simpletons because they don't really understand the true nature (reality) about something. 

Its very important at this point in your life to understand the difference between REALITY and TRUTH because they're not the same thing.

What is reality? 

Reality is UNCONDITIONED truth. Reality is just what it is- reality i.e the true nature of something. Reality is not contingent on anything. Example; you're reading this article now and you don't need any proof that you're reading it. You don't believe you are reading this, you know you're reading it. That's the reality.

What is truth? 

Truth is CONDITIONED reality. Truth is based on our perception of what we believe to be the reality. Truth is contingent on our preconception i.e truth is based on what we believe to be the reality. Example; if someone else is sitting just as you are but he/she is looking at a blank laptop computer screen. You can conclude from a distance that he/she is reading something. That would be your truth until you actually get close only to realize the person is not reading because the computer doesn't even have a battery. In other words, truth is your opinion. We can have different ways of explaining something depending on our point of view. This is a bit tricky to explain, so I'll show you images below.


Reality VS Truth

As you can see above, from the point of view of the person on the left there are four log of woods. But from the point of view of the person on the right there are three logs of woods. And both of them are very sure they're right!!.

However, the reality is that the image is an illusion to explain what I am saying. The drawing is neither four nor three. Its just an optical illusion. Its not even a wood. Its just an image on computer. In fact, its not even an image, its a computer code. The codes are in 0's and 1's. That's the reality. 

Reality VS Truth


Again, as seen above, the person on the left says its six, while the person on the right says its nine. Yet, both are correct from their point of view.

How different individuals or different cultures all over the world interpret reality (like the above two examples) gives us different truths from culture to culture. That's why one thing could be good in another culture but deemed bad in another culture, while one thing could be good in another culture but bad in another culture.

Therefore, truth is subjective!. Truth is the conclusion we arrive based on our best perception of reality. Truth is just a LABEL that we nickname reality for the sake of convenience. That's the reason you you may find something weird in one culture and it would be completely fine by the people of that culture no matter how weird. Of course, they too may find something weird about your own culture but you'll never see anything wrong with that. Its also true in our individual lives.

Guess what? Whoever defines, whoever set the precedent, whoever set the context for reality gives you your truth. And whatever you believe to be the truth is hardwired in the brain in such a way that you'll be prejudiced against the reality, therefore, you'll be stuck to such an extent that you won't be able to go to the backend (reality) to create your own truth for yourself. That's why its very dangerous for an external culture to give you a GOD, LANGUAGE, EDUCATION because all three are precedent setters. If you believe in a God, you can't challenge it. If you speak a language, you can't challenge the meanings you get when you speak. If you learn something in school, you can't challenge it. 

Always look for the reality about something, not the truth. Don't be satisfied with the truth, it is society that has conditioned you to accept that truth. Go further and find out the reality behind that truth.


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