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(1). A prophet

A prophet is not honoured in his own town. Africason aka Ka

(2). You're all I have

You are all I' ve been needing. You're in my heart X2. Africason aka Ka

(3). African school

Never teach science in schools in a foreign language. Africason aka Ka

(4). Black pope

My people we've been foolish for years. We' ve been worshiping them foreign pope. We need our own, we need black pope. Cause I don't understand why white pope. Even in black country my place X2. Africason aka Ka

(5). Oh!

You know what, I just like being on my own. Africason aka Ka

(6). My people, my friends

Africa is time we stand on our feet. Africason aka Ka

(7). African gbedu

Me no play rock n roll you play, this is bit different. Africason aka Ka

(8). Angel Mgbo

Angel Mgbo, the most beautiful of all angels. Africason aka Ka The flow of the river nile Ankh The ankh (cross) in ancient Egypt 5,000 BC Which Jesus do you believe? There was no J in English

(9). Ecclesiastes

Life is for the living. Life and death is for the living. Africason aka Ka

(10). No one gave to me

Was never born with a silver spoon. Never saw them university wall. Africason aka Ka

(11). You're on your own

Never see this kind country, there's no plans for the people. Africason aka Ka