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What is Satan? The biggest secret in the world  Pre-order my upcoming book titled: What is Satan? The biggest secret in the world Dear friends I am sorry that you haven't seen me post new articles for a while. The reason is that I am busy writing a book. The book's name is: What is Satan? The biggest secret in the world.  I am currently devoting all my time and effort in research and reading towards completing the book, so research and reading is all I do these days and have no time left to write new articles. However, in the middle of the book, I realized that the story is bigger than I imagined when I started. The story is very enlightening and it's huge! When finished, this book would free Africans from foreign religions. It would tell the history and evolution of God from out of Africa to the rest of the world. We Africans invented the very concept of God!! We Africans invented the very concept of a savior, messiah, redeemer thousands of years before there was any relig

Modern Day Israel is Not The Descendant Of Bible Israel

Where Are The Israelites Of The Bible?

Some time ago, I suppose in 2009, I was watching the television when someone said that the Israel of today are not the descendants of Israel of the bible. I heard it and I said to myself "this must be an Israeli hater or a joker". 

But wait a minute!. 

All scientific research in the field of genetics proves that human life began in Africa. Some percentage of genes of anybody in the world is traceable to Africa, especially to Kenyans and Ethiopians. This's an established fact backed by hard science.

Therefore, Adam and Eve, or whoever was the first man and woman on earth must have been black people. Their children must have been black as well. 

Isn't it foolish for us Africans to continue to think that Adam and Eve were white? Isn't it stupid for us to continue to think that Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, e.t.c were white?

Genetics studies aside, but physical archaeological finds also prove the same thing!. That human life began in Africa!. Archaeologists have excavated human skulls from all corners of the world, and the oldest skull ever dug up from anywhere on earth happen to also come from Ethiopia and Kenya!. Certainly, this cannot be a coincidence!. 

How could Adam and Eve, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus be white, when human life actually began in Africa?. Think about it.

As I was pondering about this last year, I came across a documentary that proved beyond reasonable doubts that ancient Israel of the bible were black people and that they left the Middle-East very long time ago. 

Naturally, I do not believe something just because someone said so. Even when I was in school, I often engage in debates with teachers, if I find fault in what they were teaching.

So, I decided to research this claim myself. I needed to do this so I could find out the truth for myself, since people may choose to be partisan in this sort of thing. My research was quite simple but very effective. It's so simple that anybody can do it. 

What did I do?.

I searched the internet for the genealogy of Jesus Christ. And, to avoid mistakes, I also searched the genealogy of the Jews/Hebrews, just in case Judaism has a different genealogy. Fortunately, the names of the ancestors are 99% the same.

According to the bible, below is the genealogy of Jesus Christ/Jews/Israel.

St. Matthew's genealogy of Christ (This one is arranged from BEGINNING to end).

1. Abraham 
2. Isaac 
3. Jacob 
4. Judas 
5. Phares 
6. Esron 
7. Aram 
8. Aminadab 
9. Naasson 
10. Salmon 
11. Booz 
12. Obed 
13. Jesse 
14. David 
15. Solomon 
16. Roboam 
17. Abia 
18. Asa 
19. Josaphat 
20. Joram 
21. Ozias 
22. Joatham 
23. Achaz 
24. Ezechias 
25. Manasses 
26. Amon 
27. Josias 
28. Jechonias 
29. Jechonias 
30. Salathiel 
31. Zorobabel 
32. Abiud 
33. Eliacim 
34. Azor 
35. Sadoe 
36. Achim 
37. Eliud 
38. Eleazar 
39. Mathan 
40. Jacob 
41. Joseph 
42. Jesus

St. Luke's genealogy of Christ. (This one is arranged from END to beginning).

1. Jesus 
2. Joseph 
3. Heli 
4. Mathat 
5. Levi 
6. Melchi 
7. Janne 
8. Joseph 
9. Mathathias 
10. Amos 
11. Nahum 
12. Hesli 
13. Nagge 
14. Mahath 
15. Mathathias 
16. Semei 
17. Joseph 
18. Juda 
19. Joanna 
20. Reza 
21. Zorobabel
22. Salathiel 
23. Neri 
24. Melchi 
25. Addi 
26. Cosan 
27. Helmadan 
28. Her 
29. Jesus 
30. Eliezer 
31. Jorim 
32. Mathat 
33. Levi 
34. Simeon 
35. Judas 
36. Joseph 
37. Jona 
38. Eliakim 
39. Melea 
40. Menna 
41. Mathatha 
42. Nathan 
43. David 
44. Jesse 
45. Obed 
46. Booz 
47. Salmon 
48. Naasson 
49. Aminadab 
50. Aram 
51. Esron 
52. Phares 
53. Judas 
54. Jacob 
55. Isaac 
56. Abraham 
57. Thare 
58. Nachor 
59. Sarug 
60. Ragau 
61. Phaleg 
62. Heber 
63. Sale 
64. Cainan 
65. Arphaxad 
66. Sem 
67. Noah 
68. Lamech 
69. Mathusale 
70. Henoch 
71. Jared 
72. Malaleel 
73. Cainan 
74. Henos 
75. Seth 
76. Adam 
77. God

My research

I studied Geography and History, and I'm aware names of cities, towns, villages have something to do with their past. Many cities or villages in the world bear the name of their ancestors or at least something related to their history. Therefore, if on a map, I could locate names of cities, towns, and villages bearing the names of Jewish ancestors, then that will tell me exactly where the Israelites of the bible are located today. I did this research with an open mind. Honestly, I was expecting most of the names to turn up as cities in Israel or at least somewhere in the Middle-East. But that didn't happen. As a matter of fact, less than 1% turned up in Israel.

To be quite sure of what I was doing, I decided to search the "rarest" of the names found in the genealogy above. By rarest I mean those names that are not common. I didn't want to search for the more popular names like Jacob or Abraham or Isaac. This is because the popular names are easy to find and many cities, towns, and even other nationalities have adopted it as their names. I also made sure the "spelling" matched exactly that written in the bible. In cases where the spelling didn't match, I skipped such, just to make sure I don't profile the wrong city. I was able to tie most of the names to cities and towns, and where there was no city or town with that name I used other interests like business name. One of the things I also avoided was quoting the bible, besides the names in genealogy. 

Armed with the above information and methodology, I decided to search google maps for the names found in the genealogy of Jesus Christ/Jews/Israel. The result is very shocking!.

My findings.

1. Phare - GABON (other locations in USA)

2. Aram - INDIA

3. Aminadab - BRAZIL

4. Naasson - NIGERIA

5. Salmon - CANADA (other location in USA).

6. Booz - INDIA

7. Obed - CANADA (other location in USA).

8. Roboam - FRANCE

9. Abia - NIGERIA

10. Asa - SWEDEN (other locations in Brazil and France).

11. Joram - INDIA

12. Ozias - USA (other location in Mozambique).

13. Manassas - USA

14. Amony - Egypt (other location in USA).

15. Josias - SOUTH AFRICA (other location in USA).

16. Salathiel - AUSTRALIA

17. Zorobabel - BELGIUM (other locations in Brazil and France)

18. Abiudi - TANZANIA

19. Eliacim - BRAZIL (other location in Mexico).

20. Azor - ISRAEL

21. Sadie - SOUTH AFRICA (other location in USA).

22. Akim - GERMANY (other location in Hungary).

23. Eliud - KENYA (other location in BRAZIL).

24. Eleazar - SOUTH AFRICA (other locations in, Australia, Peru, Germany, Brazil).

25. Heli - South Africa

26. Melchi - Nigeria

27. Janne - Libanon

28. Mathathias - BRAZIL

29. Nahum - USA

30. Hesli - USA

31. Mahath - NETHERLANDS.

32. Semei - SUDAN (other location in Singapore and Kazahkstan).

33. Joanna - USA (other location in Australia).

34. Zorobabel - CHILE

35. Salathiel - CHILE

36. Maharashtra - INDIA (other location in Chile).

37. Addi- INDIA

38. Cosan - PERU (other location in Brazil).

39. Eliezer - ISRAEL (other location in PERU).
40. Jorim - KENYA (other locations in New Zealand, Netherlands, Brazil)

41. Eliakim - ISRAEL (other locations in Kenya, USA).

42. Melia - Jerusalem (located in Palestine or Israel).

43. Menna - ETHIOPIA

44. Aminadab - BRAZIL

45. Aram - BRAZIL

46. Esron - BRAZIL 

47. Thare - INDIA (other location in Canada).

48. Heber - USA

49. Arphaxad - USA (other location in Netherlands).

50. Lamech - INDIA

51. Henoch - USA

52. Henos - ISRAEL

53. Seth - INDIA (other location in Germany).

My findings correspond with the below documentary which proves that modern day Israelis are nothing but impostors.

Modern day Israel has little or nothing to do with ancient Israel of the bible. The real descendants of the bible Israel are no longer in Israel!. As you will learn now, the descendants of the bible Israel are scattered all over the world, especially in Africa, Latin America, Brazil, India, and USA. The most startling discovery for me in this research is that India, South Africa, Peru, Brazil, USA have more to do with ancient Jewish/Hebrew ancestry than modern day Israel. 

Finally, the only thing these countries have in common historically is the movement of homo sapiens (modern man) out of Africa, and also slave trade. It turns out the original Israelites of the bible were sold to slavery to different parts of the world, just as the bible said. Ancient Isreal were black people!.

 For more information, watch the documentary.

Watch video!.

Whited-Out: The Erased History of Black people.

Africason is a die-hard believer in Africa.
Twitter: @African_School


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