How the CIA & MI16 lure innocent people to commit terrorism

How the CIA & MI16 tried to recruit me to participate in terrorism between 2017-2020

My name is Africason. I blog at, and I talk about African history, black people in general, and the predicament that black people have suffered since our unfortunate contact with Europeans since 332 BC when Alexander (the so called great) conquered Africa and robbed my ancestors at gun point. 

Apparently, white people don't want the world; especially Africans and black people in general to know about that. They want us all to be dumb even if we may be educated. This way, we'll be used as conduits to further enslave ourselves forever. Since I discovered this plot to keep black people blind about the past and our unfortunate relationship with Europeans, I decided I'll be taking about it. Nobody will stop me from talking about history and European crimes against black people. In fact, I am still warming up through this blog.

In 2014, I began blogging about African history, slavery, colonialism, neo-colonialism and black people in general but little did I know that this quickly earned me the rank of "person of interest" among the criminal US and European secret services. I never knew that as soon as I began revealing information that they want remain hidden, they placed me under surveillance. They don't like the type of article I write. 

It wasn't until 2017 (three years after I started blogging) that I realized that they've profiled me as a "terrorist" even though I have no criminal record ever in my life. In fact, Joe Biden has more chance of bombing a mosque in Washington than me becoming a Jihadist. The queen of England (a well known hater of black people) has more chance of stabbing a black man to death in the street of London than me hurting a white person in Africa. She was recently caught plotting to kill her daughter-in-law, which is why Meghan Markle and Harry had to run to America to save their dear lives. Yet, the criminal western secret services and their dumb African slave agents are all over my phone and laptop wanting to know what I am telling Africans about black history, slavery, colonialism and how to free ourselves from western control.

I am an autodidact (self taught) and I studied history and Metaphysics. Metaphysics is the branch of study dealing with the nature of reality. 

What knowledge of METAphysics does is that it boosts up your mind and thinking faculties, and finally it opens up the so called third eye. Once the third eye is opened, you'll operate with high-end state of consciousness 24/7 all the time. Nothing would happen around you as long as you're not asleep that you won't be aware of, though you may pretend you're not aware of the events. It's like watching from above a high tower and seeing activities going on aground from a higher vantage point i.e a clearer perception of reality. This would give you a kind of extra perceptual view of events. In short, you'll see things; especially patterns that others cannot see.

In 2017, I relocated to Cotonou, a city in Benin republic and I rented a house there. The purpose of my relocating there was to give me enough time and privacy to write a book. Indeed, I wrote the book in that house. The name of the book is: intellectual slavery, the worst legacy of colonialism. In that book I showed how the language, education, and religion given us by white people during slavery and colonialism are tools still actively enslaving us today in Africa. I also showed why we should replace them with our indigenous language, indigenous system of education, indigenous God. 

Once we do the above we'll detach ourselves from western control. You need to read that book to understand why the criminal western secret services are after me. If Africans heed to advise in that book, we'll over-throw white power globally and we Africans will rule the world instead. That's by-the-way.

Shortly before I began writing the said book, I first wrote an article titled: why Europeans were able to conquer Africa and the rest of the world and as part of my preparation for the above article and my wider research for the book, I contacted professor Kaba Hiawatha Kamen, a well known African-American teacher of African and black history. I contacted him and I ordered lot of his lectures recorded in CD/DVD. The CDs/DVDs were delivered me from USA to Cotonou in Benin republic by FedEx courier service. I also contacted and studied at the university of Kemetian sciences under Dr. Phil Valentine, also an African-American and a well known teacher of lost ancient African history. 

When I was writing the book, the Apps I used to correct spelling error were grammarly and one other App (I forgot the name but it sounds something like Ginger) and I was immediately suspicious of these Apps once I used it the first day. I discovered that the Apps logged and saved everything I typed on my phone and laptop computer onto their server, therefore, whatever anybody is typing with the Apps is accessible to other computer servers overseas. I concluded that the Apps were owned by Western secret services to snoop on innocent people to gather intelligence. The spelling and grammar checker Apps are electronic profiling tools in the hands of the secret service!! I learned this the hard way but I don't want to dwell on this as I don't want to come across as saying that all grammar and spelling correction Apps are complicit. I also believe that Mr. Kaba Hiawatha Kamen and Phil Valentine are very likely also being monitored by the criminal US secret service for the type of service they render to black people. Either the correction Apps and or my contact with Mr. Kamen and Valentine led the secret service to begin snooping on me.

However, one thing I am certain is that it's either western secret services own the Apps or they are illegally using the App's API to retrieve written contents in real time from anybody writing something from all over the world. I strongly believe the above two theories to be the origin of my travails. Why am I so sure? Because it was within the period I ordered the materials from Mr. Kamen from USA, wrote the article I mentioned earlier, began writing the said book, using the correction Apps that I suddenly began seeing tinted glassed black Toyota cars following me around Cotonou town unnecessarily. The second sign was that around same period, I also met secret service agents at the workshop of a technician I've gone to repair a computer that I formerly posted for sale online.  They inspected my laptop, asked whether I'll like to sell it, I said no and they left. Of course, they thought I didn't know who they're.

Little did I know that even before publishing the book, it has already struck a chord against Western secret service agents in Britain, France, USA and white imperialists in general who have vowed to enslave black people forever. They read my book and became terrified because it was obvious to them that I have the answer to our problem, not just in Africa but in all former European colonies around the world.

That's how I earned the wrath of the Western secret services and they literally began following me street by street in Cotonou wanting to know every step I make, who I talked to, where I entered, my phone number, my email address, my name, what book I read, down to what food I ate. 

At first, when they began following me around with the black Toyota cars, they deployed their agents who would come to a friend's shop (where I usually visit in the evening) to pretend to want to purchase an item. Sometimes, they did purchase something for real. But when that didn't work and nothing incriminating was found on me, they hired my landlord to follow me around town. His name is Latedjou, a very lazy fat stupid man. Honestly, that man is the dumbest person you'll ever come across in the world. 

Black men and women were hired by white people to investigate an African man who's writing about black history, African history, slavery, colonialism, neo-colonialism. The same people that I am trying to save were hired to investigate me!! I find this interestingly fascinating but sad at the same time. Any doubt that we're still in slavery in Africa? Any wonder why we're still being neo-colonized today?

They implanted a laptop computer in my landlord's house to intercept my internet traffic. They knew I always purchase unlimited internet subscription, because I gave out my WIFI password to students living in the same building. I just wanted to help them in their studies. The secret service agents logged into my WIFI and they monitored me for 4 years but, again, nothing came out of it. Then, my landlord began using native metaphysical means a.k.a juju or charm to coarse me for whatever reason best known to him but again, nothing came out of it. He didn't know that I am a God and all juju and charms worship me. He even got someone to sit down near my door to take a picture of the moment I pay my rent. That's how stupid the man. But I found that very entertaining.

Then, they made another attempt. This time, a criminal western secret service agent pretending to be an Arab man contacted me trying to lure me to Saudi Arabia. He offered me an all-expense paid trip to visit Saudi Arabia but which I politely turned down. It was strange!! We have just chatted for just about 3 days and the next thing was invite me to Saudi Arabia. And he was ready to pay for me to fly to Saudi Arabia immediately!! I just looked at him like a fool because I knew they wanted to link me to a crime, probably a terrorist activity. 

I believe you must have heard of cases of a supposed terrorist being caught with fake bomb by the CIA. That's how they do it and that's what they wanted to do to me. Western secret services look out for vulnerable innocent people and actively lure them to commit crime, then they get them arrested in the process. Obviously, the real criminal here is the secret service who came up with the idea to commit such crime. But it's not deemed as a crime because they believe they have a right to commit crime. And this is why Mr. Noam Chomsky in his book; pirates and emperors, old and new- international terrorism in the real world, has said that "when we (US) commit terrorism it is called self defense but when others (such as Iran, North Korea, Palestine) do the the same thing it is called terrorism."

When they couldn't succeed to lure me to Saudi Arabia to participate in a terrorist activity, they tried another method. They told their African slave agent to contact me to get me to participate in cyber crime. The agent tried to get me to participate in internet fraud, which of course I refused. At first he said he wanted to learn how to scam people online and I told him I don't know anything about that and he went away. After about two months, he contacted me again and said he was already moving forward on his own and that I should give him ideas to complete a deal, which of course, I told him again that he was chatting with the wrong person.

The only "crime" they caught me committing in Cotonou was the day I chatted a girl online and gave her an appointment to meet me at hotel. Before I got there they were already waiting at the hotel reception. Of course, they didn't know I know them. They disappeared immediately sighting me.

Things began getting out of hands and it got to a point where I believed I was in danger of being physically hurt. I left the apartment when it was obvious they'll physically hurt me if I continue to live in that house. And guess what? On the day I left, they informed the INTERPOL to follow me to my location in another country!!.

They're still fooling around as I type this and my only "crime" is that I write about slavery, black people, Africa, colonialism, neo-colonialism, apartheid and how to free ourselves from western control. That's the only "crime" I committed plus they met me in a hotel in Benin republic and Nigeria having fun. Someone (not me) was able to get someone have sex with the wife and again a girlfriend of two of the so called secret service agents. I'll take them seriously when they uncover that. All of them will pay for their crime.

I believe it's time for me to speak out. I have learned a lot about how the secret service operate because just as they monitored me, so did I monitor them. They are criminals approved by states to commit crime.

I've enjoyed everything and I now understand who are the real terrorists. I used to keep their messages on my phone but I deleted them the day I left the house because they could get me arrested on the road and cite the messages on my phone as evidence of plotting terrorist activity, and nobody will believe me if I argue otherwise. And that's one of the reasons I am letting everything out in public.

I've wanted to keep this experience private but on a second thought I reasoned that I could help someone out there who could fall victim to Western secret service conspiracy to commit terrorism. I am now very convinced that most of the so called terrorists and so called failed terrorist attempts whereby a supposed terrorist is arrested in the process of committing a terror act; especially in Europe and America are not organic terrorist activities at all, rather they were carried out by innocent people who fall victim to CIA coercion to commit terrorism.  Left on their own, most of the so called terrorists won't participate in acts of terrorism. This is the ugly truth.

My purpose of writing this article is to help families with children or adults who may potentially fall victim of being recruited by the CIA to commit a crime. I am willing to help you council your children, adults, friends, associates. I'll give you tips on what to look out for in order to avoid being recruited. 

All form of terrorism must be stopped whether they're committed by the secret service or whomever. The CIA is a terrorist organization. The British secret service is a terrorist organization. European secret services are terrorist organizations. They represent more threat to your children far more than ISIS, drugs, ISWAP, Boko Haram, etc.

If interested, donate to my Bitcoin  QR code below. Then contact me to get required information. If I get enough money I am ready to quit my job and offer this service free to as many people as need my help.

Thanks for reading.


Africason is a die-hard believer in Africa.
Twitter: @African_School
Email: info(AT)

Pirates and emperors, old and new- international terrorism in the real world- by Noam Chomsky


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