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What is Satan? The biggest secret in the world  Pre-order my upcoming book titled: What is Satan? The biggest secret in the world Dear friends I am sorry that you haven't seen me post new articles for a while. The reason is that I am busy writing a book. The book's name is: What is Satan? The biggest secret in the world.  I am currently devoting all my time and effort in research and reading towards completing the book, so research and reading is all I do these days and have no time left to write new articles. However, in the middle of the book, I realized that the story is bigger than I imagined when I started. The story is very enlightening and it's huge! When finished, this book would free Africans from foreign religions. It would tell the history and evolution of God from out of Africa to the rest of the world. We Africans invented the very concept of God!! We Africans invented the very concept of a savior, messiah, redeemer thousands of years before there was any relig

African School Of Grassroots Science- a solid foundation for Africa's development

African School Of Grassroots Science

A Solid Foundation For Africa's Development

Information the West Don't Want You To Know (Part 2)

IMPORTANT: Following many messages of gratitude that I've received from around Africa, the America's, Asians, and other formerly colonized nations around the world who read this article, I decided to escalate the message even further. Be informed that this article has long evolved into a book and it could be downloaded for FREE. To download e-book, see details at intellectual slavery, the worst legacy of colonialism. Of course, you may read the short version below, but you'll be missing so much because the ideas were still in formation when this article was written. That's by the way.

Attention: African people,

Greetings my African people!. This message contains a revelation I received from God in 2012 about why Africa is technologically backward and poor, and also the solution. Of course, I' am not talking about the God of religion, but I have no other way to describe it. God means something else to me. As a clue, when Albert Einstein got this type of revelation to solve his relativity theory he described it as "the best thought of my life". And when he was interviewed on separate occasions and was asked whether he believed in God, he replied as follows:-

Do you believe in God?

(1). “I am a deeply religious nonbeliever. This is a somewhat new kind of religion”........ Albert Einstein, in a letter to Hans Muehsam, March 30, 1954.

Do you believe in God?

(2). “I believe in Spinoza's God who reveals himself in the orderly harmony of what exists, not in a God who concerns himself with fates and actions of human beings.”........ Albert Einstein, upon being asked if he believed in God by Rabbi Herbert Goldstein of the Institutional Synagogue, New York, April 24, 1921.

Do you believe in God?

(3). “I have repeatedly said that in my opinion the idea of a personal God is a child-like one. You may call me an agnostic, but I do not share the crusading spirit of the professional atheist whose fervor is mostly due to a painful act of liberation from the fetters of religious indoctrination received in youth. I prefer an attitude of humility corresponding to the weakness of our intellectual understanding of nature and of our own being.”........ Albert Einstein, to Guy H. Raner Jr., September 28, 1949.

God has nothing to do with religion!. That's by the way.

Let me begin by saying "this message is not for the weak heart or Afri-sceptics but for those who truly believe in Africa". I mean those who "think Africa" whether in diaspora or living here.


I grew up in a village in Africa. When I was younger I was always fascinated about nature. How things are made always fascinated me. At home we had lots of domestic animals including fowls and goat herds, so as early as 7 years of age I will watch female goats give birth to new born in my own eyes. Sometimes I will even help the mother goat by spraying a little bit of salt on the new born goat so the mother goat can easily enjoy leaking off the tissues and ligaments and little soft flesh that cover up the new born goat just after birth. 

These pictures will enlarge when you click on them. You may click to enlarge any picture.
Once the baby goat is born it takes less than 30 minutes and the new born goat will independently find her mother’s breast for milk. This is an awesome experience!. As a child, seeing this happen in my own eyes every time and all the new born baby goats without being told doing the same thing year in year out, I knew this must be a product of a very intelligent design programmed into the baby goat even before it was born. Someone must have made it to work that way. It must be God!.
I will watch the new born goat grow up and become old, and after a year or two will give birth to her own offspring. I will just wonder who made it all. Sometimes some of the female goats get pregnant too early and would not be able to deliver their baby and both mother goat and child will die together during labor. When this happens I always felt so much pity for the dead mother goat and will think about it for days, as if a human being died. I still remember how one particular goat died painfully during labor till this very day though I’m now 41 years of age.
We also had farm lands, so going to farm was part of life. Sometimes when I follow my mother to the farm I just felt I need not return home, because I was so much loving the natural surroundings of the farm land. I most especially loved going into the forest climbing trees and setting up traps for animals, I just loved living in the wild because that was my immediate environment and it was so good. I loved chasing the grasshoppers, digging into the burrows of rodents, the whistling noise made by birds and other animals, going to the stream to fetch water, making fires naturally to cook at the farm and at home. All these fascinated me as a child.
So, when I started schooling I was naturally attracted to science subjects but I didn’t know why until now in my adult age. As a child I wanted to be a scientist, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to further my education to tertiary level. I had to give up my education so my younger ones will go to school. Make no mistake, this doesn’t mean I’m not educated, just that I schooled myself informally. I’ve done my best and I've independently studied from Geography to Philosophy to Metaphysics to History and now studying music. All simply driven by sheer desire for knowledge. After leaving the village and coming to the city I was surprised to have never met an African man or woman who said he or she is a scientist. This makes me ask myself; where are the people thinking for us?. Where are the Africans researching for us on how to build ‘’made in Africa’’ airplanes?. Which African is thinking out how to build the fastest train?. I don’t know whether you understand why I’m asking these questions. If you don’t understand, I promise you will by the time you finish reading this message.

So, let me make this question easy for everybody to understand. Please check the manufacturer of the watch you’re using. Who is the manufacturer?. What country was it made?. 

Check your phone. Who is the manufacturer?. What country was it made?. 

Check your Television. Who is the manufacturer?. What country was it made?.

Check your Radio. Who is the manufacturer?. What country was it made?. 

How about your shirts, shoes, even common things as candle and tooth pick?. How about your cars and airplanes?. Who is the manufacturer?. What country were they made?.

If you check all the above items in your house, in your friend's house, in all houses in your town, you'll discover none of them was made here in Africa. And, if you're able to check the entire African continent with a population of over 1 Billion people, you'll discover we are nothing but one big dumping ground for the developed world.

Africa is one of the reason for huge economic developments in most western countries through our importation of finished electronic goods. In fact, they would not find market for their ‘’used’’ goods without Africa always ready to buy. I was once in Cotonou Benin republic and saw a container offloading used foams, mattresses and bed shits. The items were dirty things to behold as I could see some of the foams dripping water and the clothes and environment smelling so bad. The smell was so disgusting that I had to literally cover my nose with my palms just to be able to pass the scene. And I wondered how poor someone have to be to sleep on those foams. Sorry, this is not the purpose of this piece but just to indicate how Africans suffer due our technological backwardness. Our technological backwardness itself is a product of intellectual slavery.

Made in France
              Made in JAPAN
           Made in JAPAN
             Made in JAPAN
     Made in GERMANY
        Made in CHINA

You see, none of the above items was made in Ethiopia.

None was made in Ghana.

None was made in Zimbabwe.

None was made in Gambia. 

None was made in Congo, even though Congo supplies the raw materials to make the phones and computers the whole world uses. 

None was made in Zambia.

None was made in Namibia.

None was made in Mozambique.

None was made Cote D'Ivoire or Cameroon. 

None of them was made in any African country. 

Do you know why?. Do you know why Uganda cannot go to the moon?.
While other civilizations can put man on the moon using science Africa is still investing so much in arts, thereby dancing around in masquerades at the expense of development for our own good. It's not that I don't like masquerades and arts, it's just that we've invested so much time in this thing over the centuries, and no development. Let's replace this same investment in arts with investment in science instead in all African societies.

Do you know why Senegal cannot build it’s own submarines?. 

Do you know why Nigeria cannot extract it’s own crude oil even though we have oil under our feet?. Instead we depend on foreign oil companies to extract our own oil. 

Do you know why our presidents and ministers are begging for foreign investments to come use up Africa’s natural resources to develop Africa?. 

No matter what you think the answer is, it have nothing to do with money. Rather, it’s because of intellectual slavery which have Africa moving in the wrong direction towards education, especially science education. I will explain in details later.

I was so shocked one day when I checked the label on a tooth pick container to discover it was written ‘’made in China’’. Yet, tooth picks are made from bamboo. The same bamboos that are wasting away in African forests!.
Later that day, I also checked the label on pack of candles and pencils to discover to my surprise they were all also manufactured overseas!. All along I was of the impression we at least manufacture our own candles, pencils, tooth picks. I never knew that wasn't the case.

Have you ever asked yourself why Kenya does not manufacture these items for China market?. 

Have you ever wondered why Namibia, Congo, Sudan, Nigeria, Uganda, e.t.c all African countries have to import items as simple as a tooth pick or candles?. 

I will give you the answer, if you keep reading. But let me quickly inform you again that the answer have nothing to do with money!. It have more to do with intellectual slavery, already discussed in part 1. And the solution have nothing to do with foreign investment into Africa. Because no matter how much you invest in Africa, if Africans themselves are not in control of the science and technology for the production of these things, including being in total control of all the means of production for these items, Africa will remain poor, because revenues from African labour will always end up in foreign investors bank accounts at the end of the day. Dr. Walter Rodney in his book How Europe underdeveloped Africa captured what I'm trying to say here, when he said:
"Under colonialism the ownership was complete and backed by military domination. Today, in many African countries the foreign ownership is still present, although the armies and flags of foreign powers have been removed. So long as foreigners own land, mines, factories, banks, insurance companies, means of transportation, newspapers, power stations, etc. then for so long will the wealth of Africa flow outwards into the hands of those elements. In other words, in the absence of direct political control, foreign investment ensures that the natural resources and the labour of Africa produce economic value which is lost to the continent"

With foreign investment alone, in future all African countries would at best turn out like immediate post-apartheid South Africa where the people were free but still very poor because they were not in control of their nation economically then. What Lucky Dube called ‘’mickey mouse freedom’’. And I’m here to tell you without being in total control of the science and technology required to mine gold you will always be the peasant to someone who have the technology to do so. I will explain the way out later but you need to understand certain things first. 

I’ve been to few African countries and all bear striking similarities once you leave the city and start going into the suburbs.
A typical African suburb

If you want to know how really developed a city is, just go to the suburbs. The rate of underdevelopment in Africa is exactly opposed to the rate of development when you start moving to the suburb of Western European countries or US, Japan. Someone once told me no matter what village you live in Germany you will still enjoy whatever amenities those living in the city enjoy. That’s possible because of the level of development there. I believe it’s also that way in Japan. The level of development in say Germany means that there’s no longer a part of the country that’s not developed when compared to most third world countries.
                                                                                       German suburb

The gap between development in Europe or say America and Africa is not the purpose of this message but to bring to your knowledge why technological development in Africa is such at a snail speed, which is a major reason for Africa’s poverty and the reason despite 50 years of independence Africa remains like a child suckling the breast of technology from mother Europe, America. Even from China of yesterday. China for centuries was a sleeping giant (like Africa is today) until their eyes opened and they did what I' am about to reveal.

The purpose of this message is not to compare Africa to Europe or America but to reveal how Africa can break away from technological slavery and western control.
It gives me serious concern that no African country can build it's own fast train.

I worry so much that no African country can build it's own war planes, no African country can build it's own submarine. I mean, these things concern me to the point that sometimes I cry, especially whenever I visit a neighboring African country to see the story is the same, no matter what African country you go. 

Why is Africa so technologically retarded?. Why are we not manufacturing the equipements we need here in Africa since we have all the raw materials to do so?. You will understand why and most importantly the way out, if you keep reading.

Make no mistake, Africa have made significant socio-political development since the so called independence from colonial rule in the 50's and 60's. I say ‘’so called independence’’ because today Africa aside being in the bondage of neo-colonialism first warned by Lord Kwame Krumah of Ghana, the biggest threat to Africa’s development today is intellectual slavery which produces many bad fruits, such as stagnation of development, scientific and technological slavery. 

Though we’re free politically, but today Africa is in other new forms of slavery as stated above. Technological slavery itself is a product of yet another new form of slavery called intellectual slavery.

What is technological slavery!.

Just like any other form of slavery, technological slavery is the total lack of capacity to produce, and therefore, dependence on overseas countries for the supply of Africa’s technology needs. Needs such as those I stated in the beginning of this message. My people, Africa is not yet free for no country can be said to be truly independent without being technologically independent which brings self driven industrial development. There must be a science and technology revolution in Africa before we can begin to talk of development in the true sense of the word. 

Let me be clear that without science Africa cannot develop technologically, and without technological development there will not be industrial development. That's why I started this message by asking you to check and tell me what country manufactured your phone, radio, Tv, cars, everything. 

So, let me ask again. Why is it that Angola is not manufacturing her own airplanes?.

Why is it that Burkina Faso does not build ships?. 

Why is it that Mali and Sudan does not build nuclear energy technologies, even though they are sitting on top of the world's largest deposit of uranium?. Nuclear energy is powered by uranium.

Why is it that Morocco, Chad, Sudan that receive the most sunshine than any other country on earth cannot lead the rest of the world in solar energy technology?. Solar energy is powered by sunlight.

Why do these countries still import solar panels from Europe, one of the coldest place on earth?. 

I mean, these countries we are buying solar panels from only see sunlight once in a year, whereas sunshine lives with us in Africa all year round in all seasons. I don't know whether you understand what I'm saying. I mean, why is a country such as Sudan that receives the biggest amount of sunlight than any other country in the world not leading the rest of the world in solar energy technology?. 

Why is an African country that’s sitting on the hottest sun year in year out not leading the rest of the world in solar energy technology?. This is the type of question that worry me, and its that worry that lead me to the answer in this piece. But, whatever you think the answer is, it is not because they don't have money to build solar panels. No, money is not the problem!. The problem is African countries have taken the wrong path towards understanding science, and without mastery of science you cannot build the technologies a country require to be said to be industrially and economically developed. We are following the study of science in the wrong way, therefore, African children doesn't understand science from primary schools. 

Africa is moving on the wrong path towards economic freedom, and no matter how long or fast we move we will never get there. Just like a traveler, to get to your destination you must first be moving in the right direction before you can begin to ponder how long it would take you to get to the destination. No matter the speed you are moving, if you are headed towards the wrong direction you will never get to your destination. 

No matter how much foreign investment you pour into Africa, if African governments don’t take the right approach to teaching sciences in schools, and invest in grassroots science, Africa will remain poor and underdeveloped forever!. This is what God told me in a vision and I will explain more about the vision later.

As a matter of fact, Africa will pay a huge price for all the foreign investment and raw material based economy we currently operate today. 

What if foreign investors withdraw all their investment in Africa?. 

What if our natural resources/raw materials lose market value?. 

What if natural resources get depleted from our lands?. 

Africa will pay a huge price in future, I don’t know maybe 50, 100, 200 years, but I’m sure we will pay a huge price when our natural resources loss market value or get depleted from our lands and we have no more natural resources to export to China, America or Europe. Get yourselves to understand this message and let us use what we have to begin producing what we need.

There’s nothing wrong in manufacturing mobile phones in Congo and selling them at expensive price to China. There’s nothing wrong Ghana or Ivory Coast shipping coffee and chocolates to Europe. Because, chocolates and coffee that Ghana and Ivory Coast import are made right from the same cocoa they export overseas!. Let’s begin exporting finished products to Europe at high price. There’s nothing wrong Liberia manufacturing tyre from rubber and shipping them to America at high prices, the same way they do to us when we import finished products of raw materials obtained from Africa at very cheap price. 

How would this be achieved?. It is actually very possible and it would be achieved by laying the foundations for science education now. It is totally possible and would be achieved by laying the foundation which I’m about to reveal now.

Now the revelation. 

The answer to Africa’s technological backwardness. The way to our technological independence, industrial and economic freedom.

One day I was lying down on the floor and was thinking about all these things that I’m saying. I was pondering about it until I slept. As I said earlier it’s normal for me to ponder about these things. I do music and I have long wanted to get a tune so I could write a song about it but the tune kept eluding me. Getting a tune for the song proved so hard to me. But, as I was sleeping that day God gave me the tune I was looking for. He gave me the tune in a dream. The tune and the song is called African school and could be found on iTunes, artiste name: Africason.

It happened that as I lay on the floor something seem to unfold the bed sheet at the lower part of my leg, and I woke up looking towards my leg as I could sense something leaving from my leg, I wasn't sure what. But, I was alone in the room and there was nobody with me in the house. Then, I sat down on the floor yoga style and I received a revelation. I was like in a trance and was able to access the mind of the master of the universe. Then I realized it was the spirit being that woke me up and that I was discussing with the spirit being. Let me make something clear here; that I was in a trance doesn't mean I was unconscious. I was perfectly conscious and I started singing this song: ‘’You school, You school, You African school’’. As I was singing this song, the spirit being who I wasn't seeing but who I could feel the energy and his presence said ‘’that's the answer you've been looking for’’. Then, I started what could be described as ''throwing words'' with the unseen being inside the room. And I asked what about African school?. And the being responded that's the reason for Africa's technological backwardness and mass poverty. The spirit told me that African children does not understand the basic concept of sciences in school, because science subjects are taught them in a foreign language. He said that's the real problem of Africa’s economic development. And he re-emphasized that as long as African schools teach sciences in English language or French or Portuguese or Spanish African children will never understand sciences naturally as it should be. And that we're going nowhere without understanding science.

Being fully awake and totally aware that I was speaking to someone I then asked; why haven't you revealed this information for so long to people such as Mr. .......?. (I actually mentioned the name of a well known and learned African but let me not mention names here). And the spirit responded immediately saying "African elites are fools". I was dumb-founded and I asked why me?. Why am I the one given this message?. And the spirit said because I asked for it. He said he loved me and that I should go and spread this message all over Africa. He said any African country that accept this message and adopt it for their school will lead the rest of Africa scientifically and technologically in future. But, that if African schools themselves do not accept this message other countries such as India, Brazil and other third world countries will. The spirit told me that it's for the same reason that Africa is poor that India is poor, he said that India could have been the greatest country on earth, if they evolved without much foreign interference like Japan.

That was the end of the revelation and I lost link with the spirit. The whole thing lasted about 10 minutes. It was like your phone suddenly losing network coverage and you losing an important communication. (After a year of writing this, I was later to discover I was actually in a telepathy with the spirit of Kwame Nkrumah and not necessarily God).

My discussion with the spirit went like this:

Me: (woke up from sleep singing). You school, You school, You African school.

The spirit: That’s the answer you’ve been looking for.

Me: How about African school?

The spirit: That’s a major reason for Africa’s underdevelopment. Until African schools start teaching sciences in native dialect, African children will never understand sciences, and Africa will continue to be poor.

Me: Why haven’t you revealed this to African elites?.

The spirit: African Elites are fools.

Me: Why me?.

The spirit: Because you asked. And I love you. I love the way you do your things. I know you will be able to do this job.

Again, before leaving the spirit emphasized: That African children does not understand the basic concept of sciences in schools because science subjects are taught them in a foreign language, a language that they barely understand. He said that is the real reason Africa cannot develop. And he re-emphasized that as long as African schools teach sciences in English language or French or Portuguese or Spanish African children will never understand sciences naturally as it should be.

Then, I busted into the song fully. I was so happy after receiving this revelation that I was close to running mad. All the rooms in my house could not contain me, I was running round and walking up and down just singing and shedding tears of joy!.  I never knew extreme joy could lead to madness.

Later, I calmed down and I began to think about the whole encounter and the subject matter. First of all, I asked myself; what are the most scientifically advanced countries?. And they are Japan, Germany, China, USA, France, Russia, UK, South Korea. Please go and do your own research, the most scientifically advanced countries are also the most technologically advanced. And they are also the countries that teach sciences in school in their native dialects.

For the nay sayers, though you are not important to me, but before I proceed let me state that I'm not the first person in the world to receive solution to a problem by revelation. It happened to Dmitri Mendeleev, the chemist that discovered the periodic table (in chemistry). 

Science does not contradict belief in God. Neither does belief in God contradict science. Do not be fooled by some modern day scientists who tell you otherwise.

''most notable figures of the scientific revolution—including Nicolaus CopernicusTycho BraheJohannes KeplerGalileo GalileiFrancis BaconRené DescartesIsaac Newton and Gottfried Leibniz — were devout in their faith.[12] Rodney Stark identifies 50 out of 52 top scientists during the scientific revolution as being religious and devout Christians''.[13], culled from wikipedia at

For the records, all the greatest scientists ever lived did believe in God!.

Isaac Newton (the father of Physics and Calculus) believed in God.

Dmitri Mendeleev (laid the foundation for Chemistry) he believed in God.

Pythagoras (the father of Geometry) believed in God.

The father of science himself Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) was a catholic. 

Of course, the above is what western education would have us believe about the invention of science. The truth is that ancient Egypt (Africa) built the pyramid with knowledge of physics, geometry, astronomy, mathematics, thousands of years before Isaac Newton was born!. Its not possible to build the pyramid without knowledge of physics, geometry, astronomy, mathematics.

For thousands of years, Africa was the center of learning and knowledge. Indeed, the first 3 universities in the world were all located here in Africa. They include Fez university in Morocco (North West Africa), Al-Azhar university in Egypt (North East Africa), Sankore University in Timbuktu, Mali (West Africa). These universities predate all European universities and indeed any other in the world. In fact, Europeans and Asians studied in Africa and they said so. Pythagoras, a Greek Mathematician wrote that he studied Mathematics in Africa along with many other Greek intellectuals of old. The Greeks got their knowledge from Africa, while Rome learnt from the Greeks.

See Guinness World Records for the oldest university in the world

In the face of hard evidence though, Europeans at least admit that Fez university in Morocco is the oldest educational institution in the world. But, what they don't even know is that Sankore university in Mali predates Fez university in Morocco. Its so sad nobody knows how many of such universities that were scattered all over Africa before slavery, but forgotten by history.

This is why Lord Kwame Nkrumah said "western education carefully excludes African religion, culture, and history". And this is why it becomes very important that we must create our own model of knowledge acquisition so that we will be in charge to decide what ought to be knowledge. That's by the way.

Again, do not be fooled by some modern day scientists who tell you science contradicts belief in God. This argument is being pushed by Satan not true scientists. Belief in God does not contradict science, neither does science contradict belief in God. If anything, science is a confirmation of the sophisticated codes God used in writing the software of nature. Nature runs on a software, and everything science is doing is trying to decipher it to understand the codes it was written.

Fortunately, there are many scientists today who do believe in God. Again, science does not contradict God, because science does not create anything new in nature!. Science works with what already exist in nature. And those modern day scientists arguing otherwise definitely know less than the pioneers of science who all believed in God.

1. Dmitri Mendeleev, a Russian and the person that discovered the periodic table of the elements that laid the foundation for chemistry, got the answer from God in a dream while he was sleeping. Click here to read Dmitri Mendeleev's bio.

When Mendeleev was asked how he discovered the periodic table this’s what he said; "I saw in a dream a table where all elements fell into place as required. Awakening, I immediately wrote it down on a piece of paper, only in one place did a correction later seem necessary."

2. Pythagoras, a Greek and the person that discovered the Pythagoras theorem which is responsible for calculating angles i.e geometry and advancement in astronomy got the answer while drawing on the ground. Upon getting the revelation he was so happy that it changed his life, he became totally a  spiritual and mystic person. Click here to read Pythagoras bio.

3. Isaac Newton, a British and the one that discovered the law of gravity got the inspiration from God while sitting on an apple tree. God used the simple fall of an apple from a tree to reveal to Isaac Newton the laws governing the planets and space, motion, physics, calculus, e.t.c. He was so happy about the discovery that he nearly ran mad. Click here to read Sir. Isaac Newton’s bio.

Other early scientists who believed in God are; Blaise Pascal (1623-1662), Robert Boyle (1627-1691), e.t.c. Also check out this link for more

What is science?.

Whatever science is; but it is not a study of foreign things, rather it is a study of your own environment. Science is simply the study of nature and how nature works!!. The same nature that exist in Africa is the same nature that exists in America.

The same nature that exists in Russia is the same nature that exists in Japan. 

The same nature that exists in Britain is the same nature in Africa. 

Everywhere on earth we all share the same nature. Therefore, you should not learn about nature in a foreign language!. Because language itself is natural. And therefore, by learning science in your native language you’re already at advantage towards understanding it.

African children in classroom learning sciences in English
Let me explain something here!. Learning sciences in a foreign language is like teaching you how to speak your own dialect using English. 

How does it sound to you to learn Zulu language using English?. 

Does it make sense to you to learn Swahili using English or French?. 

How do you begin learning Hausa using English or Portuguese?.

What would you think if you went to school and the teacher start teaching Yoruba language using English?. Does that make sense to you?. 
Yet, this is what the whole of Africa has been blindly doing ever since, using a foreign language to understand nature!. What a shame!.

But, one thing is certain from the results from all African countries, and that is; if you import the understanding of science, you will also import the finished products of science. What are the finished products of science?. Technology, industrial and economic development. And this is why we look up to western nations to help us develop!. What we're doing in reality is that we're importing the finished product of science!!. 

What African leaders fail to understand is that you cannot import development. White people will never help us develop. They'll only exploit our situation, and history shows that have always been the case. Whether we like it or not, eventually, it is only we Africans that will develop Africa. And the earlier you understand this message, the earlier we begin.

These children will understand anything you tell them about Physics or Biology or Chemistry, if only you teach them in their native dialect. 

Since they already speak a native language, its very stupid to start teaching them in a foreign language that they know not. Because, by making English language a prerequisite for knowledge acquisition and the language of instruction in our schools, we're in effect cutting-off these children from knowledge acquisition. We're making it harder for them to learn!. 

If you still don't get it, consider an athlete running freely on the track. 
Running without obstacle

Also consider when the same athlete is faced jumping a hurdle and running at the same time. You don't need someone to tell you, the hurdle would slow down his speed. 
Running with an obstacle (hurdle)

Even though Usain Bolt is the fastest athlete in the world, but he have never achieved his top speed while running a hurdle race. Remove the hurdle and he will be at his best.

By placing French as the language of learning we're shooting ourselves on the foot!. We're suffocating the natural process of knowledge acquisition, therefore, cutting-off a good chunk of the African population from knowledge acquisition. And there's no logical reason we do this other than that's what Britain told us to do when we were slaves. But, we're no longer slaves!. Its time to come out of the box!!.

An Albert Einstein could be among these children, but can't just learn English. An Isaac Newton could be among these children, but can't just speak French.

English is not the standard for learning!. Neither is French the standard for learning!!. Stupidity is the only reason we believe so.

Children don't have to be of old age before they start learning science subjects. Children are more fascinated about nature at early age and can learn faster than adults when young. Japanese, Germans, Russians, Koreans know this, and that's why they start learning sciences from primary school!.

Little Kids Studying Sciences overseas in their native Language. In this atmosphere learning occurs naturally just as it should be.

That's what African schools need to start doing without further delay!. Start teaching African children sciences at early age instead of teaching them how to draw or sing or sports or social studies. Art subjects are good, but they are not very relevant for the development of third world countries!. My research shows a minister in Namibia or Zambia already noticed this. And it's very correct!. For Africa to grow technologically and industrially we must do the following.

1. We must jettison the brainwashing colonial education inherited from Britain and France, and install our own model of education. That is, we must rise above intellectual slavery, and re-invent education for an African mindset.

2. We must replace arts with sciences in society and in schools, and sciences must be taught in schools in our native dialects. Not saying to throw away arts, but invest more in sciences instead of arts, that's what I'm saying!.

3. Our native languages must be made compulsory in schools, instead of requiring a "credit" in English in Anglophone countries and a "credit" in French in Francophone countries, these credits should be required for our native languages.
If we want to be like China or Japan or Korea, we have to start from our schools. Because, it is people that build infrastructures, not infrastructures that build people!. 

The problem is African leaders don't understand what constitutes development, so they begin from somewhere else. Contrary to what people like Obasanjo, Tabo Mbeki and Koffi Annan have been telling the world that ''Africa can trade it's way out of poverty'' on raw materials, that's not true!. It's not possible!. No country has ever traded its way out of poverty on raw materials alone!. Because, natural resources are scarce and cheap!.

How many metric tons of cassava do you have to sell to buy an airplane?. How many metric tons of palm oil do you have to sell to buy a ship?. How many metric tons of cashew nuts do you have to sell to buy a car?. e.t.c. This is why we will never be able to trade ourselves to mass wealth, because raw materials are dirt cheap compared to the expensive technology we have to import in exchange. In fact, this talks of exporting raw materials will have us end up as the world's modern day cotton and tobacco plantation. We could end up willingly picking cotton and tobacco for white people again, all in the name of foreign trade!.

Next thing our presidents and governors and ministers have on their lips all the time is infrastructure!, infrastructure!, infrastructure!. They thinks infrastructure means development!!.

Infrastructure is not development itself, UNLESS we Africans have progressed enough to be the ones possessing the knowledge/skills for building such infrastructures ourselves in our lands. Infrastructure is evidence of development, not the development itself. It is developed societies (developed human beings) possessing the right knowledge/skills that built the infrastructures in their lands. It is not infrastructures that developed first world countries. It is not the infrastructures they have that developed them, rather, they were developed that's why they built infrastructures all by themselves!!. Of course, I' am talking about truly developed countries like Japan, USA, Germany, Britain, France, e.t.c, not Dubai. Good economists have predicted that Dubai's development is not sustainable. And I can tell you why. Its because UAE citizens are not the ones possessing knowledge/skills to build their own infrastructures. Their development is still based on imported knowledge/skills, and if crude oil dry up in that land they'll return to a third world country.

Remember, I' am not saying not to invest in infrastructures, but just stating here that infrastructure does not translate to development. Development itself happens under another set of rules that I will soon explain.

African leaders, please stop putting the cart before the horse!. Invest in true education first!!. Invest in human capital development first!!!. Re-invent education in Africa, a type of education that can create mass African scientists and engineers capable of building our infrastructures by ourselves. That's exactly what Asians are doing right now.

Assuming we pay America or China to build us airports, roads, electricity, railways, that does not mean we've developed, because those facilities would decay in our hands within 10 years, and we would start over looking for IMF and World bank to loan us more money to build another round of infrastructures that would yet decay again. And the process goes on forever. In fact, this is what have been going on in Africa since the so called independence. The west simply exploiting our vulnerabilities!.

What is development?

From the beginning of time, man found it necessary to commune together for farming, hunting, and food gathering. Humanity progressed from hunting -to- gathering of wild fruits -to- domestication of animals and growing of crops with manual labor -to- mechanized animal husbandry and farming.

To go from one stage to the other, they were consciously undergoing a "process of adding improvements" to previous knowledge they had. In this case, they are said to be developing in that specific area. Development is simply "the process of adding improvements" to existing knowledge. Its the process of evolution, maturation, expansion, enlargement, progression, from a previous state. Before you can develop, you must start-off with your own solution to your own problem. Whatever it is you're adding improvements on, you're said to be developing in that area. Development is the process of evolution, maturation, expansion, enlargement, progression, from a previous state

Development can't happen if someone helps you progress from hunting -to- gathering of wild fruits -to- domestication of animals and growing of crops with manual labor -to- mechanized animal husbandry and farming. You (yourself) must be the one learning enough to progress from one stage to the next. There're no short-cuts!!.

Now, it doesn't matter whether we're talking about personal development or the development of a society/nation. The same thing happens!. For development to happen an individual or society must pass through "the process of adding improvements" to what they have already.

Development in its natural form

Baby in the womb

The baby is said to be developing as it passes from one stage of "adding improvement" to the next.

The fetus is becoming human because it is undergoing "the process of adding improvements" from one stage to the next. If it stops adding improvement at any stage, development will stagnate and the baby will die premature. So, development is something that must be sustained to be said to be true development.

Development continues outside of the womb

The mother cannot make the baby crawl or walk. There's only so much the mother can do. Ultimately, the baby himself/herself must learn to crawl, walk, run, e.t.c. Development would continue until the baby becomes a matured (developed) independent man or woman that no longer need help from anybody. This process is applicable to "anything" that would develop.

For the sake of this article, let's continue to deal with technological development of a society.

A society develops scientifically and technologically as its members jointly increase the capacity for dealing with the environment. They must study and understand what's under the soil, in the forests, inside the rivers and oceans, in the sky. This capacity for dealing with the environment is dependent on the extent to which they understand the laws of nature (science) and the extent they put that knowledge into practice by devising tools (technology) to solve real life problems. This means the best tool for development is through education in the language indigenous to that society. You can best understand your environment in your own language!. The logic is very simple.

Therefore, it would be best to use education created locally in your native language to acquire knowledge about your soil, your forests, your rivers and oceans, the sky. This will make learning happen easily.

Remember, the education itself we use today was developed by foreigners. We can't possibly improve upon a system of education we didn't create. If we want to even talk about development in Africa we must first discard the current system of education we inherited from colonial powers and create one without colonial hangovers.

Development of mobile phone

Development is what happens between the previous phone and the next phone.

When I probed further on how exactly "the process of adding improvements" occur, I realized what is really going on is that the scientists and engineers developing the mobile phones are constantly creating new ideas which they express in new terminologies. Next, they'll proceed to add that new idea as a technology to their previous designs. This's why all of a sudden you start to hear new words like; Bluetooth, Screen touch, Wifi, Sync, SMS, MMS, 2G, 3G, 4G. And you can be rest assured new terminologies will keep coming in future as "the process of adding improvement" will continue in the mobile phone industry.

We cannot develop, until we pay attention to our native languages in Africa and start being the originators of scientific theories, terminologies, or technology that we invent while trying to solve our problems. As I've shown, "the process of adding improvement" is simply the addition of new ideas- which necessitates creation of new terminologies to describe what's new- which in turn necessitates the addition of new technology. That’s why we’ll forever be under the shadows of white people, because we can’t develop upon the mobile phone they invented. We can’t develop upon the airplane they built. We can’t develop upon the spaceship they built. Because, we don’t know what stage of development they were when they invented it. We don't know what they were thinking when they invented them!. And therefore, we can’t possibly develop upon them.

Similarly, we can’t develop upon the infrastructures built us by foreigners because the current model of education we run today don't allow us know "the process of adding improvements" that they passed through to know how to build those infrastructures. That’s why we can only consume and unable to build. You can't beat someone in his own game!.

I believe you should understand what constitute development by now, and if you do, you'll understand that the infrastructures they built us and their spaceship is a stage of their own development, not ours!. As a matter of fact, when they help us build infrastructures, we're actually also helping them perfect their craft, so they could go on to the next African country to build a better one!!!.

Unless we re-invent education in Africa, learn SCIENCE to understand how to build and maintain our own infrastructures, we would keep on in this technological slavery.

Countries develop by having sound scientific education, and thereafter huge investment in scientific research and development. They then consume their own raw materials to manufacture what they need.

What China is trading is products of long years of investment in science and technology!. What Japan is trading is products of long years of investment in science and technology!!. Korea, USA, Germany, e.t.c, the same.

No nation will industrialize without science!

In order for Africa to develop and start exploiting nature to generate wealth, the following are professions African countries need to invest more than anything else:- 

Physicists, Mineralogists, Chemists, Mathematicians, Biologists, Geneticists, Metallugists, Agriculturists, Toxicologists, Athologists, Microbiologists, Biochemists, Immunologists, Cytopathologists, cytologists, Haematologists, haemostasists, thrombosists, Immunogenetists, Histopathologists, Microbiologyists, Phlebotomists, Virologists, Aquarists, Cartographers or Photogrammetrists, Biochemists, Biophysicists, Biofuel Technologists, Biostatisticians, Bioinformatics Scientists, Cartographers and Photogrammetrists, Chemical Technicians, Computer Programmers, Software engineers, Dietitians and Nutritionists, Epidemiologists, Geneticists, Geographers, Geoscientists, Hydrologists, Medical Scientists, Molecular and Cellular Biologists, Zoologists, underwater archaeologists, volcanologists, Geomagnetists, Paleontologists, Epidemiologists, Meteorologists, Astronomers, Sound Engineerings, Neuroscientists, Herpetologists, Ecologists, Oceanographers, Pathologists, Petroleum geologists, research scientists, climatologists, astrophysicist, bacteriologists, parasitologists, pharmacists, embryologists, seismologists, anatomists, surgeons, Biotechnologists, Acoustic engineers, Pharmacologists, Aerospace Engineers, Agricultural Engineers, Automotive Engineers, Biochemical Engineers, Biomedical Engineers ,Chemical Engineers, Electrical and Electronists, Electromechanical Engineering Technologists, Electronics Engineering Technicians, Energy Engineers, Engineers, Industrial chemists, Industrial Engineers, Mapping Technicians, Marine Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Mining and Geological Engineers, Nanoscientists, Nanotechnologists, Nuclear Engineers, Nuclear scientists, Petroleum Engineers, Robotics Engineers, Anthropologists and Archeologists, Astronomers, Atmospheric and Space Scientists, this's to name a few.

The above professions are what generates real/original wealth to a nation. Banks and bankers does not create wealth, rather they manage wealth. Politicians does not create wealth, rather they make policies around it. Marketers do no not create wealth, rather they market existing wealth.

As I said earlier, art subjects are good but they're not very relevant for the development of third world countries, because arts do not create original wealth, rather they dwell upon pre-existing wealth. With the exception of music and movies, as far as my research shows. Music and movies do create original wealth (the explanation you can find for yourself, when you think deeply about natural voice being used go generate wealth from thin air.

The only thing that creates real wealth is that which is sourced from mother nature!. Example; mining the soil, fishing the seas, farming the land, e.t.c and using the products and by-products to generate wealth/money. You can source materials from nature to build cars. Then, sell your cars to create money/wealth. You can source materials from nature to build airplanes. Then, sell your airplanes to create money/wealth. That's creating wealth literally from thin air!.

Everything you can see with your eyes was built from materials sourced from nature. So, if you or your nation is the one who always end up buying instead of producing, then you're literally working to improve the economy of the manufacturer's nation. Example; If an African banker buys a car, if an African politician buys an airplane, they have all created money/wealth for the good of the economy of the country the items were manufactured, while we gained nothing in exchange from such country. 

When we buy such cars we have paid the salaries of their engineers, staffs and managements of the company, miners, office cleaners, e.t.c, including the whole chain of workers that have anything to do with the manufacturing of such car. This's why a country like Germany or Japan or USA can never be poor because they have the highest numbers of the science professions listed above. They have simply mastered the art of exploiting nature to create wealth, thereby getting what they want (money) from the needs of other nations. And the only way they have been able to do this is mastery of science!. 

Only science can solve the poverty problem of a nation!. Only science will save Africa. It doesn't matter what nation though, only a nation that embrace science will get rich. 

To further prove what I'm saying, I was able to make a chart of all countries that had won the nobel prize in PHYSICS and CHEMISTRY and their percentage. See below.

(1). Nobel Prize winnings in Chemistry by country

As you can see above, these are all wealthy nations. No country learning chemistry in school in a foreign language have ever won the nobel prize in chemistry, neither will they ever be able to do so. Chemistry is such a complex subject that the best way you can appreciate and understand it is by learning it in your native language.

List of countries and how many times they've won the nobel prize in CHEMISTRY

Netherlands - 3 times 
Germany - 31 times
Sweden - 5 times
United Kingdom - 29 times
France - 8 times
Switzerland - 6 times
Finland - 1 time
United States - 69 times
New Zealand - 2 times
Soviet Union/ Russia - 1 time
Czechoslovakia - 1 time
Italy - 1 time
Norway - 1 time
Argentina - 1 time
Canada - 5 times
Switzerland - 6 times
Hungary - 3 times
Japan - 8 times
Israel - 8 times

(2). Nobel Prize winnings in Physics by country
Again, if you look at the above countries you'll see they are all wealthy nations. All the nations that have ever won the nobel prize in physics are also those country that learn science in school in their native language. India is the only exception here.

List of countries and how many times they've won the nobel prize in PHYSICS

Germany - 25 times
Netherlands - 9 times
France - 11 times
United Kingdom - 25 times
Poland - 2 times
Italy - 6 times
Sweden - 4 times
India - 2 times
Austria - 4 times
Switzerland - 5 times
Denmark - 3 times
Sweden - 4 times
Australia - 2 times
United States - 90 times
Japan - 11 times
Soviet Union/Russia - 11 times
Belgium - 1 time

Africa will continue in poverty and will continue depending on other countries for it's technological needs, unless we embrace science and have African schools teach sciences in native African languages. Therefore, if your mother's tongue is Swahili, go ahead and use it to teach and learn sciences in school. 

If your native dialect is Igbo, go ahead and use it to teach and learn sciences in school. 

If you was born and brought up speaking Hausa, go ahead and use it to teach and learn sciences in school. 

If you was born a Zulu, then use Zulu language to teach and learn sciences. That’s how it should be!.

Whatever language you was born speaking go ahead and use it to teach and learn sciences in schools. Because when you study sciences in your mother's tongue the learning process comes to you naturally as it should be. This's why a 10 years old Japanese boy can build a robot as a primary school homework, because he have no ambiguity understanding what the teacher told him about physics and mechanics. This’s possible because this 10 years old Japanese boy learnt the basics of physics without difficulties. He learnt it just as if his mother was talking to him on how to build a robot. 
Mathematics lesson in JAPAN classroom (watch the chalk board, it’s in Japanese).

Again, science is not the study of something foreign, but something around you. Example; if you wanted to study the digestive system (the journey of food in your stomach), it is the same thing you would learn that someone in Japan or Britain or Germany or Russia will learn. No matter what country you are, you all will learn exactly the same thing!. Studying science in your native dialect solves 80% of your comprehension problem. Japanese knows this!.

Lesson in JAPAN classroom (watch the chalk board, it’s in Japanese)
 Lesson in GERMANY. (watch the chalk board, it’s in GERMAN).

Native language is a natural capital for conceptualizing science!. There's nobody taught sciences in his or her native dialect that will not understand it. Whether you come from Zambia or Mozambique, whether you come from Namibia or South Africa, whether you come from Ghana or Lesotho, whether you come from Zimbabwe or Uganda, whether you come from Nigeria or Benin republic, if your mother taught you how to build robot at age 10, you will build robot!. Anybody can do it!. It's as simple as that!.

Take this simple example. Because we fail to teach science in native African languages, nobody knows what simple natural substances like oxygen or hydrogen is called in any African language. Our African chemistry teachers are quick to tell us in classrooms that water (H2o) is made up of 2 atoms of Hydrogen and 1 atom of oxygen. 

Now, let me ask you. What is 2 atoms of hydrogen in Swahili?. 

What is 2 atoms of Hydrogen in Hausa language?. 

What do you call 1 atom of oxygen in Igbo language?. 

What do you call 1 atom of  oxygen in Yoruba language?. 

Can anybody tell me what you call 2 atoms of hydrogen in Zulu language?. 

My brothers and sisters I've been asking myself these questions since my adult age and nobody have the answer including your chemistry and physics teachers and professors. Nobody have the answer and the teachers and professors are not bothered at all.

Yet, water is a naturally occurring substance. Water is everywhere in the same form. But Africans learn about Hydrogen and Oxygen in classrooms, as if Hydrogen and Oxygen are foreign things.

Oxygen in GERMAN is Sauerstoff
Oxygen in RUSSIAN is кислород
Oxygen in JAPANESE is 酸素
Oxygen in FRENCH is Oxygène
Oxygen in CHINESE is 氧
Oxygen in KOREAN is 산소

Hydrogen in GERMAN is Wasserstoff
Hydrogen in RUSSIAN is водород
Hydrogen in JAPANESE is 水素
Hydrogen in FRENCH is Hydrogène
Hydrogen in CHINESE is 氫
Hydrogen in KOREAN is 수소

Don't we have Oxygen and Hydrogen in African water?.

Intellectual slavery which have killed our African languages is to blame. Intellectual slavery does not allow African scholars create knowledge or question established western theories. We just copy and paste. This's explained in details in part 1.

What this means is; an African chemist or physicist for instance; cannot be able to transfer his knowledge to the people in his community, no matter how highly educated he is about chemistry or physics. This's because he lacks the words in our native African dialect to discuss these things. He can only be able to talk about oxygen and hydrogen in the classroom to select students learning in English or French, when this ought to be what could be openly discussed with anybody willing to learn. 

This in itself creates the primary breeding ground for elitism in Africa, and the reason for African elitist few who after obtaining western education help create huge gap between ordinary people and few greedy elites in the know. This elitist few whether in academics field or politics or whatever, will then erroneously consider themselves as privileged and unequal to the populace. And therefore, alienated and out of touch with the grassroots of the African people because they cannot relate to common people who can't speak English or French. They lack local content and can hardly add to the development of their community!. This's when your education effectively become totally useless to your community, because you sincerely feel you are unequal with the grassroots and as a result cannot transfer your knowledge to them. This's called education for underdevelopment and it was the original reason for colonial education in Africa.

Western education was originally intended only to create few African elites who would act as conduits between Europe and Africa for further rip-off and exploitation of Africa. But, of what use is your education when you lack the ability to transfer your knowledge to people in your village?. Greater number of the African society are not in possession of knowledge to free ourselves from poverty, because educated Africans whether in science or other fields lack words to pass their knowledge to the grassroots of the African people using native language. 

Still, the worst problem this creates is Africa have evolved to a continent that have to continually depend on foreigners to solve our own problem. I searched everywhere as part of my research to see whether someone have noticed the problem education itself crates in Africa. Fortunately, I saw Professor C. Tsehloane Keto. He captured what I'm trying to say here, when he said: 
"The world of Africans and descendants of Africans and the world of scholarship about them is still the only one at the end of the Twentieth Century that retains a 'colonial' signature whereby experts and authorities outside African communities control knowledge creation and exceed experts inside those communities. This does not apply to Europe, Asia or the Americas. This has led to an unfortunate predilection among Africans to concede expert knowledge to outsiders. African people have tended in the past to surrender the right to academic self affirmation to others, thereby accepting conclusions of a Euro-centric framework that have assigned a permanent peripheral role to the Africa centered perspective in the world's growing knowledge industry. Indeed, many of the 'authorities' who study and write about the African world and exercise great influence over the outside world's perception of Africa and Africans, the understanding of its value priorities, the vision of its future and the capacity to define its very essence for insiders and outsiders alike, often are not burdened with the knowledge of single African or African derived language."

C. Tsehloane Keto
The Africa Centered Perspective of History

A mind is a terrible thing to waste!. The mind of a continent is being wasted in pursuit of western model of education to our detriment. This's what the west don't want you to know!.

Have you now seen why God told me African elites are fools?. African elites are a disgrace to Africa for not digging deep to understand the root cause of our technological backwardness and poverty when the solution is just staring us in the face!. I mean, the educational system we operate today are those we inherited from the colonial days. Whether in Anglophone or Francophone countries, we still practice the same old thing. We're still learning in the language the colonial masters forced us to speak!.

But the only reason the colonialists imposed their language on Africa was for them to be able to communicate us. The reason they taught us their language was not for us to communicate ourselves, because we already had our own languages in Africa before slavery and colonization of Africa. So, why can't we Africans use our own language to understand nature?. Again, always remember that nature exists worldwide and it's all the same. For example; it's the same water we drink in Gabon that they drink in Germany.

It's the same air they breathe in Canada that we breathe in Rwanda. It's the same sun and moon that we see in Ethiopia that they see in USA. It's the same carrot that they eat in Japan that we eat in Congo and Libya. So, my question to African academics and leaders; why do we then have to understand our surroundings using English or French or Portuguese language?.

An Igbo man could be Albert Einstein, if taught physics in Igbo language. A zulu man from South Africa could be Isaac Newton if he/she pick up the rudiments of physics at an early age. The reason you see little kids in Japan building smart robots for school exams is not because they’re wiser or more intelligent than African children. The reason is because since they were born, they have always spoke in their mothers tongue, and when they go to school they teach them sciences in the same old language which they've always known. In their mothers tongues!. So, there could not be any confusion, no translation and loss of meaning in translation. Learning just happen naturally!. That's why they are ahead of us scientifically. That's why they are ahead of us technologically as well!. And that’s why they can build large industries and import raw materials from Africa at ridiculous cheap price, then use the same raw materials they’ve just imported from us to manufacture everything we import, and finally selling it back to us at a very expensive price!. 

My people, this is sheer stupidity!. That’s the only reason they’re more developed than us because we fund their economies, big time!.

Back to the need for learning sciences in native dialect.

Take for instance; car mechanics apprentices that are scattered all over Africa in cities like Lagos or Cotonou in Benin republic. The reason a 15 years old African boy with no background in mechanical engineering can sit as an apprentice and successfully learn and understand the workings of complex car engines and can repair cars, is simply because his master taught him about car engines in the same native language that he grew up with. This makes it very easy for the young boy to conceptualize how car engines works. When you conceptualize anything, you'll be able to independently put forward your own correct thoughts and ideas about it.

Young African engineers acquired complex engineering skills in their native dialect without going  to school. This can be replicated in all sciences; Biology, Chemistry, Physics, e.t.c when science is taken to the grassroots of Africa. And that's why I came, that's what I stand for, and that's what I will live for until it's done. It must be done!.
Young African engineers acquired complex engineering skills in their native dialect without going  to school. The above and below pictures confirms everything God told me.
Young African female engineers acquired complex engineering skills in their native dialect without going  to school. Young African girls will not be left out when science taken to the grassroots of Africa. Science will be a free for all thing!.

Language is already an advantage to these young boys and girls. So, as you can imagine, there could be no ambiguity in the learning process for the little boys and girls, no translations and the attendant loss in meaning. Under such condition learning always occur naturally. That’s the way it should be in African schools!.

If African schools approach sciences this way, you will get the same result. If you teach mechanical engineering to African children in their native dialect to repair airplane engines or build submarines, they will do it same way they did learning car engine repairs (example above). 

As long as you teach chemistry in native African dialects, whether you teach African children how to manipulate chemicals to produce acids or fertilizers, they will understand and they will achieve the same result like their counterparts anywhere in the world. If this approach to sciences is applied in African schools, at the end you are going to have a mass army of young African scientists all over Africa researching, discovering new things, and building new technologies all over Africa. That’s the result you will get!. And that’s the way it is in all the countries we call developed countries that applied the same thing.

In conclusion. Please my dear Africans north, south, west, east, we are one people and we have a common problem on our hands. In your schools please start teaching sciences in your local language. Start teaching physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics in your local dialect, because when you are studying sciences you are not studying something foreign, rather you are studying about your own very self.

Of course, I’ve researched and saw some African countries are already doing this or about to implement same, and I want to tell you any country that’s already doing this and is not moving fast scientifically is not doing it the right way. I’m here willing to help such countries uncover what they are doing wrong.

I'm not saying you should not teach English or French in African schools. Of course, you should teach English, but teach English like every other subject. The entire business of knowledge acquisition should happen in our various native languages, while English should be studied simply as a subject in school, not as way of life.

Of course you should teach French, but teach French as a subject, only. That's the way they do it in Japan. That's the way it's done in Germany. That's the way it's done in Russia. In these countries people study English as a subject and only those interested in studying English does so.

All these countries, and all the technologically advanced countries teach sciences in their local dialects and they teach English as a non compulsory subject. So, only those students interested in learning English does so. 

English or French should not be made compulsory in African schools!. Its not to our advantage in the long run!. Otherwise, we will keep churning out students that are not relevant to our development. If there is any subject that should be made compulsory in African schools, it should be history and our native languages. Because, knowledge of history puts you miles ahead about the big picture, so you can avoid mistakes. Plus it builds your self esteem. 

Go and check. The best scientists in Japan, Russia, Germany, Korea, are also those who can’t speak English or French. They are too busy with their scientific research that they have no time for such trivialities.

Even here in Africa. Go and check. The best chemistry students in your school, the best physics students in your school here in Africa, are also those that are not very good in English or French. Why?. Because French or English language is not important to understand the principles of how nature work. You can understand how nature work in any language. And if you do in your own language you will even understand better. As a matter of fact, African students studying sciences would have done 10 times better if they've learnt Physics or chemistry using our native dialects.

Africa have over 3,000 spoken languages. Check this link for some.

Our many languages in Africa puts us in so much advantage in understanding sciences than western countries, so much that different African countries when we apply this revelation into our schools will have various solutions for; say cure of Malaria, AIDs, Tuberculosis, e.t.c. Because, just like farmers there will be millions of scientists on African streets understanding sciences in various weird and interesting ways.

Only then, shall there be many African made solutions to the problems plaguing Africa, because this anticipated science revolution will naturally create millions of entrepreneurs across Africa who would want to solve one problem or the other using science.

This in turn will lead to mushrooming of so many science and technology related start-up companies across Africa, same way it is in USA, Japan, Germany. And by so doing there will be so many innovative industries to cause the economy of African nations to start growing astronomically!. And so will the attendant technological advancements be as well, because advancement in science automatically translates to advancement in technology. This means one African country can be a master in designs, while another African country may be better in building more durable products. See example below.

It’s already like that today in Russia-Germany products and Korea-China products. While Russia-Germany are not much into delivering very beautiful designs, but they can deliver very durable products because that’s the way science and technology inspires them. Whereas China-Korean products will beat Russia-German made products, if all that matters is how beautiful it looks.
This means; say Sudan and Mali will have the most advanced nuclear technology know-how while another African country say Chad will have the best design engineers to build them. Nigeria may develop as building the best airplane engines, while Ghana will develop into building the best car engines. Morocco may master in Glass technology, while Sierra Leone may be the best in ship building.

What I’m saying here is different African countries will understand sciences in their own varied ways and will come up with different technologies, and by so doing Africa together will have various competing solutions for Africa’s problems. This type of healthy competition will have a cascading effect, causing science and technological revolution to sweep across Africa like wild fire. This has already proven to be the case in Europe. Once scientific and technological revolution started in the United Kingdom it set-off an industrial revolution that swept across Europe in what's known as the industrial revolution. This was the only defining moment Europe overtook the rest of the world industrially.

The same thing will happen in Africa. Example; once Ghana got it’s independence from Britain every other African country wanted to do the same, because they learnt from their neighbor it was a good thing. And of course the cascading effect it had on the rest of Africa’s independence is a fact that you need not be told.

This have also been proven by the Nigerian movie industry they call Nollywood (though it have nothing to do with Hollywood movies). Once Nigerians started off the movie thing, Africans loved it and the demand for American movies dropped all over Africa like rock drop in water. Thereafter, Ghana joined the trade and formed what they call Ghallywood, South Africa picked it, even Benin republic now have their own movie industry and the trend is growing in every other African country. 

As soon as the content of this message applied in African schools. and sciences taught in schools in our native languages, I predict within 30 years there will be so much surplus of scientific and technological solutions for Africa’s problems by we Africans that an African country would have no need to have to import any technology from overseas, because the next door African country will have the solution!. That’s when Africa will indeed be said to be truly independent!. 

And this is what Lord Kwame Nkrumah meant in his 1957 independence day speech when he said ''our independence is meaningless unless it is linked up with the total liberation of Africa''. This is perfectly true because unless fellow African countries are free Ghana’s independence would have been meaningless. And I' am here to tell you, unless each and every other African country can source it’s science and technology need from fellow African countries without compulsory need for western solution, we cannot claim to be free in this computer age.
Finally, this is just a prelude to my works and my charity outfit called "Movement for eradication of neo-colonialism and colonial mentality" and Science Vision Africa a.k.a African school of grassroots science. This is a cause I will be working on till I die. If you love the development of Africa then pass this message to reach all Africa.

Please help spread this message. I'm just about beginning and I'm available to work with African schools, governments and ministries of education all over Africa and any other third world country needing my input. I mentioned other third world countries, because if Africans reject this message other third world countries will hear about it, take it and run away with it. That's what God told me and his words are always as said. Let me add that everything that needs be done to move African science education forward God have told me. Example; How to re-name the elements in African languages.

Just in case you don’t know what an element is. Elements are the first thing that existed from creation such as hydrogen, carbon, helium, calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium, phosphorous, e.t.c there’re about 118 elements discovered by man as of today. To begin, all these elements including compounds must be re-named in African dialects as a start. This is the only way African children will begin to learn sciences naturally, and will be able to build smart robots in secondary schools like their counterparts in Japan. Believe me, when this learning model adopted, Africa will start seeing results in a short while, because there will be a science revolution in Africa. What England taught me is that this scientific revolution is a natural developmental curve that a nation need to complete in order to industrialize. So, we must go back and complete that curve, because between the 14th-18th century when it happened in Europe, we were in slavery in Africa and totally missed that age of global renaissance.

In the science revolution age, a 10 years old African boy can catch a frog or grasshopper in the farm and conduct an experiment with it just out of curiosity to know what the insect ate that morning. When we enter into such an age children would do so.

In a matter of 25 years I predict Africa will witness her first science revolution, which will lead to technological revolution shortly after that. But, if this is not done Nigeria will continue to produce crude oil, but import petroleum products. This is madness!. And the problem is lack of technological know-how to convert crude oil to petroleum. 

If this is not done Congo will continue exporting coltan, cobalt and columbine overseas but importing mobile phones and computers at exorbitant prices. As long as there are no scientists and technologist in Congo to use the natural resources they have to manufacture mobile phones and computers, they'll continue exporting, but without getting rich.

If this is not done Liberia will continue to produce rubber but import tyre at expensive price. 

If this's not done our brothers and sisters in the Saharan north Africa will continue to receive the most sunlight in the world but will continue importing solar technology from Europe, whereas Europe is one of the coldest place in the world. They do not even receive one tenth of sunlight in Africa.

If this is not done Botswana and South Africa will continue to mine gold and diamonds but import jewelries. 

If this is not done Ghana and Ivory Coast will continue to produce cocoa beans, but import chocolate. Even though Chocolate is made from cocoa!. 

If this is not done African elites and leaders will continue trooping to European and American hospitals for simple health checks, where they go to spend Billions of dollars annually at the detriment of Africa’s health sector. Though when they get there the hospitals will leave them in the hands of apprentice students to use them for experiment. 

I find all these incredible to believe they're actually happening, and I can’t stop wondering how it all began. 

I have a lot I want to say about this topic but let me end it here in order not to delve into something else that will derail this message.

What I need now.

1.  I’m facing challenges taking off this mission and one of them is translating materials from English to French, Spanish, and also to Portuguese for our Equatorial Guinea brothers and sisters. If you can translate this message accurately to French or Portuguese or Spanish please go ahead and do so. When you’re done translating kindly email me the translated copy to: info(AT) I need to publish it in other languages so Francophone countries, Portuguese and Spanish African countries can get this message as well.

2. I received this revelation since 2012 and have been keeping it to myself due to lack of money to fund the mission. It makes me want to run mad each time I think about it and realizing I can’t even proceed due to the huge investment required just to take-off this mission. This is why I decided to cry out loud to the African people home and abroad. I'm eager to take this message across Africa on a ‘’road show’’ but it requires a big investment beyond by capabilities. I need help to take this message across Africa. I will need buses to do that. Even if I have buses I still cannot do it alone. I need to hire 6 to 10 people to work with me. I also need to hire a lot of science teachers across Africa. If you would like to help me or you know somebody who can help fund my charity outfit "Movement for eradication of neo-colonialism and colonial mentality" and Science Vision Africa a.k.a ''African school of grassroots science'' email me at: info(AT) I'm not interested in getting rich off this project because it will make me uncomfortable.

3. I'm also an independent recording artiste. I took to music just to be able to deliver this message. I’m not with any record label at the moment. If you’re a recording label contact me, if you would like working with me to release my songs Africawide. I can individually fund my charity course without looking for external help to execute this task, if I get a good record contract. In the meantime, no matter what African country you come from, if you're associated with the radio business you can support me by helping me get radio airplay to have this message heard as a song by others. Find the song below.

I did this song in three different versions. The best and the rest you can find on iTunes.

4. If you personally know any  notable African like Koffi Annan or Obasanjo or any other African who have Africa at heart please have them contact me, so they could help me get the desired exposure to take off this mission. Just not taking off this project as I wish is killing me silently and I don't want to get high blood pressure. If Nelson Mandela was still alive I would probably have flown to South Africa to see him over this. I heard Zambia and Gambia are already trying to do something about this. And I want to say I'm here ready to help explain things, if they need my assistance. I best understand what the problems surrounding this issue are and I know what all African schools need do.

5. If you are a student and cannot support, I beg you to please spread this message and invite your teachers, ministers, presidents, lecturers to read this revelation. I'm ready to travel to any African country to discuss on how to model science lessons for African schools. Before this though, I will like to tour Japan, Germany, US, Korea and sit down in science lectures to make some findings as part of my research. I need the African people to support me.

For more insight on what Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) can do to the economy of a nation read the below links.

Join me, let's build Africa!.


Africason is a die-hard believer in Africa.
Twitter: @African_School


  1. Well, you brother we Africans are so genius: There were two guys in Uganda, one made tear-gas, another one made airplane but I can tell you that they were taken by whites and they are no longer here. I heard about guy in Kenya who invented mute cloves that translates in audio but it is not manufactured here (Kenya)
    So I do think that our government does not support our people


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