Order Mastercard virtual card

Order physical or virtual prepaid Mastercard debit card

Do you want to order anything online ? Do you want to pay for an online subscription ? Do you want to order any product or service online ?

When it comes to shopping online, it's not a good idea to pay with a major credit card or debit card linked directly to your bank account where you have substantial amount of money. Rather, it's advised that you order things online with a virtual debit card that's not linked to your bank account. This is a self insurance that ensures that even if your card happens to be stolen by any means whatsoever, you can only lose a small amount of money you have on the virtual prepaid card.

Let's provide you a virtual prepaid Mastercard to order anything online. It works everywhere!

We provide bulk and personal virtual Mastercard debit card for anyone to shop online. The card is acceptable wherever Mastercard is accepted on the internet, and it's very good for ordering random items online without revealing your main card number.

Order virtual Mastercard debit card. Checkout with either of the payment gateways below.

Checkout by Paystack. Order virtual prepaid Mastercard. Click on card
Important: If you'll like to increase your order quantity, click on the "+" on the order page. Note that if you order more than one unit, the total sum would be loaded in one card. Example: if you order 5 pieces, you'll receive one card loaded with $500.

Checkout by Flutterwave. Order virtual prepaid Mastercard. Click on card

Flutterwave doesn't provide a way to automatically choose order amount, so you'll have to manually type the card amount you want by editing the default $0.00 on the order page. Remember to include our commission when placing your order. You'll see details on the order page.

After you've made a successful payment, please contact us with your order number at email: BCXPINC@gmail.com

We'll normally reply within few hours, so in case you don't get our message within 24 hours, check your spam folder cause we would have emailed you

It takes 6 days to process an order if order by Flutterwave gateway or 8 days if order by Paystack gateway.

The virtual Mastercard comes with the card details, such as:- the 16 digits card number, CVV, expiry date. The physical card looks like every other Mastercard. 

Your name would be on the card (any name), so you can spend it with any random name. The card comes with a US (United States) address.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

How do I place an order ?
There are two payment gateways you can use to make payment, it's either by Paystack or Flutterwave. Click on any of the card picture above to choose how to pay. You'll have many payment options, such as bank transfer, debit or credit card, mobile money, etc.

How do I receive my card details after placing an order ?
Your card details would be sent to the same email address you used to place your order 

What do I get after I place an order ?
You'll get the 16 digits card number, CVV, expiry date, US address 

What country issues the card ?
The card is issued by a bank in the USA 

Is the card reloadable ?
Yes, the card is reloadable. You can add more money to your card any time you want.

What's the validity of the card ?
The card is valid for 3 years 

Can I order card in bulk to re-sell ?
Yes, you can order as many cards as you want if you want to re-sell them for a profit. If you want to buy in bulk, you'll get it at a cheaper price 

What currency is the card ?
The card is in US dollar

What denomination is the card ?
The card could be in any denomination you want. Example: $50, $100, $150, $200, etc

How long does it take to issue the card ?
It takes 6 days to issue the card if you ordered by Flutterwave or 8 days if you ordered by Paystack

Can I cancel an order ?
No, you can't cancel your order but you can instead ask for a refund by Bitcoin or USDT or Ethereum cryptocurrency 

At what time frame am I allowed to ask for a refund ?
You are allowed to ask for a refund within 5 days of placing your order. You can't ask for a refund after 5 days of placing your order 

Important: It's ok to ask for a refund but, again, if you do so, we would refund your money by Bitcoin or USDT or Ethereum cryptocurrency. Note that this would come with a 30% monetary loss to you. Example: if you ordered $100 worth of card but you ask for a refund, you'll instead be refunded $70 Bitcoin or USDT or Ethereum, plus VAT.

When will I get my refund ?
If you ask for a refund, you'll get your money back in Crypto within 6 days- beginning from the first day you placed your order. Example: if you ask for a refund on the 5th day after placing your order, you'll get your money back in Crypto the following day if ordered by Flutterwave or in two days if ordered by Paystack

How do I ask for a refund ?
Email us with your request for a refund to: BCXPINC@gmail.com

What happens when I ask for a refund ?
We'll tell you to wait until we receive your payment, when we receive your payment, we'll ask for your crypto wallet address so that we send you Bitcoin or USDT or Ethereum cryptocurrency

Do you require KYC verification to process an order ?
No, we do not need KYC verification from a customer to process an order 

Do you require KYC verification to issue a refund ?
No, we don't require any KYC verification to issue a refund 

If you have any more question, email us at: BCXPINC@gmail.com


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