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Africa; it's Time To Stand On Our Feet, Asians Have Moved on.

Africa; it's Time To Stand On Our Feet, Asians Have Moved on.

Attention: President Goodluck Jonathan & Ellen Sirleaf, others.

Dear sir & Madam,

I got the news you both have been begging Obama for Zmapp; an untested Ebola drug. Thankfully, Obama a very stingy man gave you two a humiliating response by saying "No I'm not gonna give to you folks". As if that wasn't enough humiliation you proceeded to beg this drug directly from the manufacturers. I heard you succeeded in receiving it but it didn't work. The patient administered this drug in Liberia died bleeding in your hands, whereas two patients administered same drug in US "miraculously" survived. And this looks perfectly normal in your eyes? Are you so dumb to believe it's the same Zmapp administered to patients in USA that was given you?

Ellen Sirleaf

How could this same drug cure two US patients perfectly well; but could not cure a single Liberian? Look, it's time you African leaders wake up cause you people have been sleeping for too long. Fortunately, we Africans on the street of Accra and Lagos have woken up to reality. I mean, the reality of Neo-colonialism and how to fight it off.

Unfortunately, neo-colonialism is targeted at you all African elites. One thing that makes it so dangerous is because of it’s being a very sophisticated clandestine western policy that gets you all brainwashed, gradually transforming you all to a black man/woman in skin but a white man/woman in mind. That's why you all lose local content and continue to pursue western solutions like blind sheep heading to the gallows.

President Goodluck Jonathan and Ellen Sirleaf, please stop using innocent Africans/Liberians as guinea pigs!. 

Go and read the above two books by former Ghanaian president; Kwame Nkrumah and Walter Rodney, respectively. If you've not read this books already and you're not ready to read them, I humbly ask you to vacate your offices and leave the government house with immediate effect. 

The west can take advantage of anything and they will not seize to capitalize on our penury to advance their scientific research, as long as you African leaders are dumb enough to give them the opportunity. Last time I tuned to TV it was Japanese prime minister saying Japan is ready to offer yet another untested drug to Africa. Remember, these are drugs they will never test on their dogs. Not because they can’t find a dog but for fear the dog may die. And I begin to ask myself; how is a dog worth more than a human?

For how long will Africa keep suckling the breast of science and technology from the west? When are we going to start manufacturing our own Zmapp in Liberia? Why can't we make our own Zmapp in Nigeria?. Or, is Africa doomed to be a beggar continent forever? Are we going to depend on the west forever?

Many years after colonialism, Asians have moved on yet you African leaders keep running round in circles like kids on the play. 

Chinese people have moved on!. 
South Koreans have moved on!. 
How did China and South Korea do it? They simply embraced science and mass education. Nothing more.

Asians simply took their destiny in their own hands, looked beyond the west, and decided to solve their problems by themselves. To do this, they embraced science, not foreign investment, not by suffocating themselves with World Bank and IMF trojan loans which cause African countries to become poorer and dependent on more loan.

Your Excellency, Ellen Sirleaf, I heard you studied economics so I find it really hard to believe you cannot make any connection between economic development and science and technology. While I can forgive Ngozi Okonjo Iweala because she may claim she's not the Nigerian president and therefore cannot take all the decisions but I will never forgive you if you do not have Liberia embrace science by the time you leave office.

Without science and technology no nation will industrialize.

Without science, America will not industrialize.

Without science, China will not industrialize.

Without science, South Korea will no industrialize.

Without science, every country on earth will be at the same level infrastructurally.

The difference between infrastructural development in America and Africa is SCIENCE.

The difference between infrastructural development in Japan and Africa is SCIENCE.

The difference between infrastructural development in Europe and Africa is SCIENCE.

The difference between infrastructural development in France and Africa is SCIENCE.

The other day I saw you all sitting like obedient students clapping for Obama when he sweet tongued you all on his planned investment of phantom billions of dollars in Africa for infrastructural development. Who built US own infrastructures? Themselves. How did they do it? Science.

Note that I’m not against foreign investment. But the investment funds you all have been receiving over the years are not being put forward to lay a solid foundation for Africa’s real economic development. Spending money on infrastructure is a quick fix which doesn’t solve the basic problem of our poverty in the long run. Only the west will continue benefiting in the long run in the unequal business and trade relationships we currently maintain.

The river niger bridge in Onitsha Nigeria was built in 1965 by a French company called Dumez. After 49 years the bridge got bad and needs to be rebuilt but no indigenous Nigerian company can do the job, so the second niger bridge has been given to yet a German company called Julius Berger. You see?

Foreign investment or foreign aid or whatever you call it is like giving someone fish instead of teaching them how to fish. Why are African leaders always ready to accept fish from western nations instead of learning how to fish? You may ask; what’s the fish here?. Answer: the fish here is PRODUCTS OF SCIENCE which is technology. 

But, I’m sure; science is one thing the west don’t want Africa to lay our hands on. While they are ready to give us the drug but one thing they will never do is tell us how it’s manufactured cause they want us to remain dependent forever. Nothing gives the west much joy than the fact Africa is a dependent continent that will always look up to them for our supplies, thereby making them rich.

What the west love it that Africa is a dependent continent, a continent that will always look up to them for our science and technological needs.

The West understands that no matter how much aid you give to Africa, no matter how much investment you put in Africa, Africa cannot develop without investment in grassroots science!. This’s why science is off-topic in meetings, conferences to discuss Africa’s development or any other third world country for that matter.


The difference between infrastructural development in America and Africa is SCIENCE.

The difference between infrastructural development in Japan and Africa is SCIENCE.

The difference between infrastructural development in Europe and Africa is SCIENCE.

The difference between infrastructural development in France and Africa is SCIENCE.

If Africa gets science right, we Africans will be able to manufacture our own Zmapp and also will build whatever infrastructure we want without western help and or without choking ourselves to death with world bank and IMF trojan loans. Therefore, if we want Zmapp we don’t have to go humiliating ourselves begging for an untested drug. And if we want infrastructural development in Africa, we don't have to engage in world bank and IMF infrastructural development loans which help keep us poorer in the long run. Instead, we have to pursue scientific development first. That is, we have to learn how the west manufactures their own Zmapp and built their own infrastructures.

Only mass education in science will solve our poverty problem. Unless we Africans take control of science and technology and all the means of production in the continent, Africa will remain in poverty forever.

No amount of donated shoes will provide shoes for this boy or his village forever. All that whoever is wearing this shoe need is education on the science of shoemaking, and he will make shoes not only for himself but his entire community. The only way his community can wear shoes all year round is to learn the science and technology to build their own shoes. Get it?

Science is one thing the west is hiding from Africa because they know science is the shortest way out of poverty for nations. This's why scientific collaborations are always off-topic in all conferences and meetings.

Listen, you African people!.

Application of science to solve problems naturally lead to Technology.

Science + Technology = Industry.

Science + Technology + Industry = Wealth.

Science + Technology + Industry + Wealth = Economic independence!.

Only when Africa get science right shall we begin to lay a solid foundation for true economic development in Africa.  And only then shall we be truly free. This includes freedom from world bank and IMF trojan loans, freedom from western control, freedom from hunger, ebola, disease, freedom from technological slavery, e.t.c. Africa will have total freedom and wealth when we get science right. This's what the west don't want Africa to know.

Only an understanding of the principles of science; chemistry, physics, biology e.t.c by African children in our schools will lay a solid foundation for real economic development in Africa. Only then shall we begin to talk of development in the real sense of it. And only then shall we break away from poverty and western control. For details, read the link below.

I have made the claim and stated the way to break out of poverty and western control. Read the details about why Africa is backward and poor and you will understand why SCIENCE is the way.

Africason is a Musician/independent recording artiste/researcher and a die-hard believer in Africa.
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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Top 20 Silly Questions Non-Africans Ask About Africa Overseas.

The Top 20 Silly Questions Non-Africans Ask  About Africa Overseas. Using South Africa as Case Study.

Myths and stereotypes about Africa and its people continue to thrive in some countries. We count down the top 20 actual questions foreigners have asked South Africans.
Although our country has been welcomed back to an increasingly globalised world after the end of apartheid, some foreigners continue to harbour romantic ideas about life in Africa.

Certainly, one would not expect anyone outside South Africa’s borders to have an in-depth knowledge of the country or its history, but it’s surprising how many crazy myths and stereotypes about Africa and its people continue to thrive.

Not even the publicity surrounding Nelson Mandela and his involvement in the anti-apartheid struggle have succeeded in enlightening some people about the multiracial nature of SA society.

As a result, South Africans living or travelling abroad often face some ridiculous questions. We count down the top 20 actual questions our readers have been asked about their homeland:

20. Do you have the internet, phones, roads, cars, shops, schools, money in South Africa?.
19. Do you own a gun?.
18. Do you have lions in your garden?.
17. Do you ride around on elephants?.
16. Why would you want to come here (UK, USA, etc)?.
15. Can you see Kilimanjaro from your house?.
14. Oh you’re from Johannesburg – do you know my friend Peter in Nairobi?.
13. How many wives does your husband have?.
12. How does it feel to wear clothes?.
11. Have you ever had Aids?.
10. Which tribe do you belong to?.
9. So you’re down next to Australia, right?.
8. Do you speak African?.
7. Did you have a slave in South Africa?.
6. But you don’t have a South African accent? (not understanding that there are a lot of different accents)
5. I know that you lived in South Africa but where were you born? You must have been born somewhere else.
4. How did you learn to speak English?
3. Which country in South Africa are you from?
2. Are you black?
1. Why are you white?

Disclaimer: This article is not meant to poke fun at others’ ignorance but is simply a light-hearted take on something we’ve no doubt all experienced. What’s encouraging is that people are curious enough to ask. While it’s tempting to respond with sarcasm (or fiction), giving an honest answer will ultimately help to show what South Africa is really like. Just don’t be a whingeing expat, please!
Have you faced any of these questions before? What’s the most ridiculous question you’ve been asked about South Africa? Let us know below.

Below are hilarious replies Africans gave to the questions. (In case you're a non-African reading this, please note that most of the answers by the Africans are pure joke as they must have found the questions extremely very silly but funny). We Africans do have everything you have. Many Africans are even more trendier than most Americans and Europeans.

  1. G
    I can add to that – heard plenty of stupid questions in UK, like:
    – Do you have white people in SA? (I’m white)
    – Do you like having Mugabe as president?
    – Do you have trouble with tigers and kangaroos?
    (lions I understand, but tigers & kangaroos?!)
  2. Lynette Levinrad
    Nos. 3 and No.1. I’ve had a lot of fun at the ignoramuses expense over the years. :)

  3. Petro
    I remember when I stayed in Saudi some people where really like if you are from africa why aren’t you black… Yip I kid you not…

    • Ingrid
      Was in Dharhan – just south of Damman – know the feeling well. Seems I was also the first english speaking South African they had ever met! They all thought I was British.

    • Gail
      I live in Kuwait and constantly get asked why I am not black if I am South African. Oh and do I have a pet elephant. Really, it’s a lion actually.. Lol

  4.       TJ
    LOL! I really enjoyed this article. Living abroad I’ve been asked a lot these questions, more than once, specially if I can speak African. Although I do find some people’s ignorance annoying. I always reply truthful lighthearted answer.

    • tish
      I’ve been asked some silly questions when I travel, but its become annoying and I think these people should be asked if they live under a rock. Their ignorance is a lack of exposure to good knowledge and I am not amused. They must live under a rock as far as I am concerned. We’ve had the WC, Mandela, Oscar, Springboks, Proteas, where have they been.

    My daughter (11) was asked, by fellow pupil in Scotland, did you live in a tepee. She informed him wrong continent.

  6. Wesley R
    Scottish people in particular seem to be dumbfounded about South Africans.
    99% of them just have to ask if I am from Australia. If I say no, they say “New Zealand?” And then “South Africa?”
    “Oh yes, you sounded like you’re from down South over there, with the twang in your voice.”
    “Why would you live over here?”
    “Are you enjoying your holiday”
    “What do you think about the Oscar Pistorius case?”
    “Are you sad that Nelson Mandela died?”
    It gets so irritating, that I want to move away, back to London…
    It really leads me to judge their intelligence when they know so little about the world, even just the English-speaking world and such as lack of geographical knowledge. Education over here is hugely over-rated.

  7. Carin Jansen v Vuuren
    Aren’t you scared to go outside? Because of the lions?

  8. E.Ellis
    Yes, I have been asked most of the. I stay in USA. Originally from South Africa…

    Ask most South Africans where a lot of other countries are and you will be met with a blank stare.

  10. Deborah-Eve
    These all sound so familiar! After saying I’m a South African, I’ve also often been asked, “So, what’s it like in South America?”

  11. Heather Pansegrouw
    Love it!! Nicely done Heather. A bloke on the phone asked me where I was from because I sounded black! What exactly does black sound like??

  12. Sue
    What has South Africa ever produced ?

  13. Erna Brough
    I have been asked which part of Australia is South Africa?

  14. lynette van heerden eveleigh
    ek is een van die nog wit oorlewinde blanke in AS en het nie n leeu in my tuin nie nog minder n Olifant vir n ryding nie wens ek het gehad dan het ek nie n probleem met potholes en diewe in my buurt gehad nie ek is afr sprekend

  15. Heinrich Makkink
    I am often surprised at the knowledge Kiwis have about South Africa – but have been asked by young people if I can speak South African (South Effrican, actually).

  16. Rod Gregory
    He doesn’t look like Cassius Clay ! This was the reaction when I arrived in germany in 1976 and my wife presented me to a “distant” relative. We had married in Cape Town and the general idea was that she was returning with an African(black) tourist souvenier after having lived in africa for 5and half years !

  17. Della Winterton
    What colour are your parents ? (Im white)

  18. Wendy Hartley
    You are white but you come from Africa!! and
    Your parents must have been missionaries

  19. amanda Pollabauer
    When asking in a retail store for directions, I was asked which country was I from. When I answered SA, she replied, “where did you learn such good English? “

  20. jaco
    I’m partially part of the problem here. I’ve heard majority of these questions when overseas and I fuel the stupidity.
    I tell about my pet elephant and the fact that we only have gravel roads and of course, the lions, who ate most of my family.
    Don’t understand, with the Soccer World cup and all the other events that make international news, how the people can still ask such stupid questions?

  21. Nish
    So true!!! I have had so many of the one’s you list!
    Some fellow saffers have also had ‘are you from Australia?’
    Besides the ‘ u don’t sound South African’ and the puzzled look after I say that I am ‘South African’ with me clearly looking of Indian race ‘ but wher are you originally from?’ To which I answer ‘ from South Africa ‘ , then I get ‘ were you born ther?’ And I reply ‘ yes and so was my great great grandfather born in SA’, and the puzzled look gets more puzzled:)

  22. Jessica Byrnes
    Just to reverse the ridiculousness, what I find amazing about White South Africans is that very few speak a Native language. With Zulu as my first language growing up on a farm in Natal, the best thing about going back is being able to speak almost fluent Zulu to people.

  23. Nazeem Dollie
    Favourite Question:
    “Why did the Springboks poison the All Blacks at the 1995 Rugby World Cup Final??? Was that the only way they could win? “

  24. Kathy Whiteley
    My friend is in the tourist industry and has been asked by South Africans:
    Can I walk in the Kruger Park?
    Will the lions be locked up in the Kruger Park because I am scared of them?
    What time is the best for seeing lions?
    When I returned to the UK after 8 years here, my father wanted to know why I wasn’t black.

  25. Wm
    Yet another bone question, this one from a younger-generation American:
    “Afrikaans? That’s like… uh… SWAHILI isn’t it?”

  26. Lynn Mortimer
    How about “Where are the fences?” referring to Apartheid and the ‘fences’ that people were supposedly kept behind?

  27. Richard Austen
    Do you have cheese in South Africa
    Me:Yes we do
    Ahhh i bet you don’t have cheddar cheese he say.
    Face in hand

  28. Brad
    Your English is so good,So do you speak South African as well?

  29. michael marks ex copier king
    souties are thick

  30. Heide
    I was asked which country I lived in in South Africa- when I said it was a country in itself they still asked “but which country” thinkin it is like South America

    • Maria
      well, technically you live in the Republic of South Africa. ‘South Africa’ is a misnomer.

  31. Mad Mother
    I’ve been living in Australia for just over 5 years and was recently asked by my friend if I could translate a letter that was sent to her from a child that she is sponsoring in ‘Africa’. Turns out that the child is in Ethiopia! My friend was very surprised that I couldn’t help her with the translation and insisted that I have a second look.
    It drives me nuts that people think that Africa is a country!!! You hear it on TV all the time…
    “I’ve been to Paris, London, Sydney and AFRICA”
    Africa is a continent people, wake up!

  32. Jo Maxwell
    While this was many years ago, from supposed educated people, the questions were “Do you live in a proper brick house?” “Do you have flushing toilets inside?” “Do you have Department Stores?” This was before the days of shopping malls. Even today many in the UK haven’t traveled further than 50 kms from their town of birth and never been up to London. Brits always say UP to London no matter if they live in Liverpool.

  33. Louisa
    Where are you from? Me: South Africa. Other person: Oh your from Africa? Me: Africa is a large continent. South Africa sits right at the bottom of that big continent!

  34. graham
    1.3 and 8 i have had many times over. When asked if I speak African I usually reply in Zulu (fluent) which bowls them over. #18 I used to get when I first went overseas in the 70′s.

  35. adele
    When in the states years ago I was asked how did I manage to leave the country? because there aren’t any airports. And planes can’t land in the jungle so how did I manage to get to LA? I Also had all the same questions about the pet elephants and lions in the garden and the fact that we have to go hunting with spears. But the best was when I bought a pair of Nike sneakers and commented that they were the first Nike’s I had (having always bought Reeboks) “oh shame, is this your first pair of shoes?” I was asked that while wearing a pair of shoes – I know that foreigners can be ignorant but really??? I looked down at my feet, showed the shoes I was wearing and answered “um, Yes” to which she replied “oh, you have to go shoe shopping” we were standing in a shoe shop!!!

  36. Vusumuzi O Sibanda
    Some of the “misinformation is peddled, promoted and perpetuated by Africans…….I have actually “caught” a white South African man telling “northern boys” that black people are not indigenous to South Africa………weird I know!

    • Schalk Cronjé
      Strictly speaking, (at least according to my anthropological knowledge), the Khoi & Khoisan was there long before anyone else.
      If that was the point he was trying to make then fair game.
      OTOH if the dude’s a racist, maybe you should have m***d him.

  37. Linda
    My son-in-law, a native Pittsburgher, was asked what MacDonald’s was called in SA. “Uhm, MacDonald’s”?!!!

  38. Mike de Fleuriot
    Best I ever hear, was a slightly pissed Afrikaans game guide telling a bunch of British tourists about how the government allows the hunting of the “wild blacks” that live in the deep bush. The Brits were disturbed and talked about writing letters to government about this.

  39. Louise
    Do you sleep with lions next to you? Do you starve in South Africa? Wanted to buy a sim card for the phone and when told that I was from South Africa oh where is that? Is that in Canada?

  40. Paul Renwick
    Great article, thanks.
    Having been in email contact with a host family in the US,I was asked if I had Internet. Also been asked if I live in a hut, are there wild animals in my garden, do we have cars, are there any roads… and questions from those who have clearly heard negative report from expats, I’ve been asked if it’s safe to return home, won’t I get shot, and plenty of advice given for me to never return because of the violence that awaits me.


    Africason is a Musician/independent recording artiste and a die-hard believer in Africa.
    Twitter: @african_school
    Email: info(AT)
    Find my songs on iTunes, artiste name: Africason